Winter Waves

Last week my family and I got down to the coast at St Bees for an afternoon walk alongside the sea spray and the seagulls. The waves were crashing up to the shoreline as the wind whipped about, but it was really good to be outside and have a change of scenery for a couple of hours. I also love that feeling you get after you've been walking around in the chill for an hour and your cheeks blush red and your lungs are full of crisp autumn air - all the better for something warm to drink once home again!

I hadn't been down here during the colder months so it was nice to see the beach in a different setting. During high tide the waves retreat back for miles, and you can find tiny little sandy coloured fish, anemones, birds of all kinds and plenty of mussels, cockles and winkles among the rock pools - it's lovely in the summer time if you ever find yourself near the coast. 

The sand was invisible as it was high tide, but the stretch of pebbles meant it was the best time to go pebble hunting. I managed to find one stone which was coloured a dark green dotted all over with bright red flashes! I didn't take it home with me as I don't like to take away too many, but there are always so many different and interesting colour variations on each pebble. Also the big rocks you see here were great for climbing on! Never too old!

I loved the colour of the sky! It was about 4pm by this time so the clouds had taken on a pretty lilac and grey colour. 

I love watching the waves roll in. 

The coast stretches on for some way and there was a light fog beginning to settle along the cliffs in the distance - definitely wintery weather we're settling into now. 

And there is St Bee's head in the distance. The sunsets along the coast here are always beautiful so definitely come down when it's nearing the end of the day and take a stroll down the beach. Summer is the best time for late evening beach walks here.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!



  1. Beautiful pictures- I could almost feel the breeze!

  2. Amazing photos!!!


  3. Those waves crashing in among the breakwaters in photo number 5 capture the whole feeling of being by the sea at this time of year. Nice one!

  4. These photos are beautiful. I live almost as far from the sea as it's possible to be in the UK so I don't see it often (haven't seen the sea since August 2013 in fact). I don't think I've EVER been to the seaside in winter, but I'd like to!


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