Back to the Mines

For the past couple of days my Mum's family have been up for a quick visit and we couldn't not show them the beautiful Honister Pass, could we? 

Even in winter those winding roads are just as pretty as ever. Every time I come here I feel like I should be heading off on a noble quest with some hobbits, dwarves and elves. 

For the first time I noticed just how many large boulders there were around and knowing that according to the National Park, glaciers were present in the area during the Ice Age my mind was racing thinking that some of these huge stones were drop stones - boulders which were carried by glaciers before being deposited on the ground once they'd thawed out. 

I love all of the different etchings and scratches on the surface of the rocks.  

Once we came round to the top of the pass, we stopped off for a cup of tea at the Slate Mine which I hadn't been back to for at least about 14 years, so I had a case of nostalgia hitting me square in the chest as we walked around. It's strange how a place can hold so many feelings even though you may have only been once or twice. 

This charming little slate and stone tiger sat atop the slate passageway you walk through to come into the stone garden. 

One of my favourite things about the Slate Mine - The Stone Garden - it sounds like the beginning of a brilliant story to me. 

Anything remotely involving dinosaurs and I need to take note - the obsession from childhood is well and truly in place and was only ignited further by the release of the Jurassic World trailer a couple of weeks ago - I can't wait for it, there are so many amazing films coming out in 2015! On the subject of Honister's slate, it does have a green hue and looks very pretty when you walk into the garden and see the sheen against the other stones. 

You can make out that green tint a little in the background of this photo, but I mostly wanted to capture the rusty chains they'd hung here. Not an amazing photo as it was hastily taken but I have a real thing for abandoned equipment or rusted, old keys and chains - it might have something to do with an odd fascination I have with ghost towns/houses and wandering about in the woods near school when I was younger to go looking for hidden things. 

It's been a lovely, albeit rainy weekend and did anyone else see the huge moon a couple of nights ago too? I'd never seen it looking so full before!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.



  1. WOW!!!! I want to visit this!!! How far is it from Keswick???
    Amazing photos, such detail and beauty!x

  2. I love the lakes, they even look pretty on a dull day! I love your photos :) x

  3. I love dinosaurs too, hehe! The landscape is so beautiful there. I've never been to the Lake District! There are a lot of places I've never been to, all high on the list!


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