Before The Wild Weather Came

Even though the chill outside is enough to rattle your bones, it has been exceptionally nice here these past few days, with a few rainy bouts which required my trusty umbrella, but nothing worse than a few showers which have been nice and calming this week. Then the wind came - like a howling stormy sky beast. All day the trees have been shaking, the leaves are being thrown about in reckless abandon and the birds are battling against the breeze as they fly around! I feel sorry for the sheep in the field outside - I hope their woolly coats are some protection against the elements. 

Before the windy weather came bowling into town this was the calm before the storm. I love raindrops, especially when they reflect the scenery behind them like little oval mirrors. 

When the skies were as calm and bright as this it's difficult to picture the stormy scenes outside right now. Luckily the sheep seem to be as perfectly happy as they can be, bounding around in the field, perhaps they like the stormy weather? 

The lane was filled with little puddles which reflected the sky back up, and in the distance a little group of birds were all feeding together, but I couldn't get close enough to photograph them, each time they flew away! There's a cute little cat who lives around here, all grey like a puff of smoke called Socks, and each time you can hear him approaching as the bell on his collar tinkles away, so I think the birds have developed super hearing powers to avoid him! 

The bare trees look so stark against the blue sky now - it's such a transition from summertime when the branches were thick and green with leaves. It's strange how a place can look completely different in each season, something which the lovely Louise over at Ramblings of a Roachling recently posted about on her blog, go and take a look at her amazing photos - they're stunning. 

It was even nice and calming down on the coast at St Bee's too, but oh my was it cold! I felt like my fingers were going to melt away once I got back into the car - and my nose felt like an icicle. I need to make sure I have my warmest of coats and scarves with me next time I brave the winter beach. 

After a family visit last week I've been making a mountain of Christmas cards and hunting away for that ever elusive job, but with the oncoming Christmas festivities everything seems to be winding down now so the pressure is off for a little while. 

How has your week been?

Hope you're all well and haven't been blown off into the clouds by now!



  1. It's true that the changing seasons make a huge difference in how a place looks.. Hope you find a job soon!

  2. Oooh that beach scene is lovely! Winter makes the light so different for photography and your pictures show it well :) Keep going with the job hunting, you'll find something soon I'm sure x

  3. I love your descriptions! The pictures are beautiful now. Water can be an amazing thing can't it- tiny crystal droplets on a window, a stream of silver like on the beach, the clouds- condensed water huddled together forming comical clouds! All beautiful x


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