Into the Woods

This week I've been making the most of the winter sunshine in amongst the brilliantly titled "Weather Bomb"! We had some strong gale force winds here which created some fantastic waves along the coast, but I am still hoping for some snow! The central area of the Lakes have had a dusting but I think the coastal breeze means it needs to be a little bit cooler before we get our own layer - here's hoping!

The majority of trees and hedgerows here now have lost all of their leaves, leaving skeleton like frames behind but as I was walking yesterday I noticed this tree still had creeping ivy all over it. It reminds me of the twisted tree from Sleepy Hollow!

I found some pretty lichens on the fence-posts too. I really like the minty, pale green colour. I think this is a Shield Lichen of some sort, but not 100% sure which species it is.

Taking in the winter sunshine. A cute little robin was hopping around on these branches nearby but each time I tried to get close enough to take a photo he hopped off!

I should probably invest in some new walking boots soon - these have fared me well ever since the beginning of uni and have trekked (and slipped) around in many different locations! Maybe 2015 is the time to retire these friends. 

I love the amount of little mushrooms on this stump.

The river runs right alongside this path and the sound is so calming - though yesterday the water was rushing past!

Then time to head home before the rain comes down. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!



  1. Ah these are lovely. I do wish I didn't live in a busy suburb whenever I visit your blog!

  2. So beautiful! I would love to live somewhere like thus!x

  3. ah I am so jealous that you live so close to all the stunning sights of the Lake District! I would love to see more posts with your photos :)

    Dei xx



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