The Jolly Blogger Award

This is my first ever Christmas blog tag so I am excited! I was asked to do this by the lovely Danielle from Underland to Wonderland, who blogs about all kinds of things from Disney to photography and  I highly recommend you check out her blog, I always leave with a smile after reading. 

So without further ado, onto the questions!

1. Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

I always open any presents I get given on Christmas Day - I like the suspense and opening them around my family is a lot nicer for me. The only times I haven't have been when I've been given gifts by my friends and they've wanted to see my reaction or it's been a group opening thing like Secret Santa, which we used to do at uni. They are my exceptions to the rule!

2. Favourite Christmas Song?  

This is always a hard one as there are a lot I really love BUT there is always one song which I listen to as soon as it's the 1st of December, and that's What's This? from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It embodies all the feelings I have about Christmas and as Jack runs around Christmas Town I revert back to an excitable 10 year old and end up humming this for days after, and it's just so much fun! A close second is Sufjan Stevens' Star of Wonder. 

3. Favourite Christmas/holiday Movie? 

For me it will always be Home Alone. It's a classic for me with a great soundtrack and the scene with the tarantula still makes me crack up laughing every time!

4. Favourite Christmas decoration?

This one! And we still have it! Reindeer are gorgeous and as soon as I heard the story of Rudolph as a child I've never moved on - there will always be a special place in my heart for reindeer at Christmas. 

5. Favourite Christmas food?

I'm a big candy cane lover though we got ones this year that were fruit flavoured and not minty! I love the classic white and red striped ones - another childhood favourite. 

6. Favourite Holiday/Winter drink?

I'm not a big drinker but my house-mate in first year made us home-made mulled wine and it was delicious! I have fond memories of walking around the Bath Christmas markets with a hot cup in my hands, but I'm a bit of a fizzy drinks demon so when it comes to Christmas you'll mostly find me with lemonade or coke - maybe a little bit of Bucks Fizz or champagne on Christmas Day too, depending on if it's there or not, but mostly something sugary and fizzy for me. 

7. Snow or no snow?

Snow. Snow. Snow. I'm a big kid, I can't get enough of going out walking in snow. I just pull on my walking boots and I'm off. I also love the sound of snow falling, it's such a quiet sound and when you go out at night everything is brighter, which I believe is to do with the reflection, or so we were told at uni! But yes, I love snow - just be careful in it and you can have an amazing time, though I know we all seem to come to a standstill over here in the UK when it gets very thick and heavy, I love it. The above photo is from my old home town - I always make snow faces. 

8. Do you send out cards or no cards?

Yes I love to send out cards. I try to make my own as often as possible but because I always try to send out a lot at Christmas I like to buy charity cards, especially if they have robins on them.

9. Do you secretly still believe in Santa Claus?

I think it keeps the magic of Christmas alive, and its too cute not to want to believe in it a little bit. It's such a famous part of Christmas, so even the idea of Santa Claus is lovely enough to make me smile.

10.  Your favourite winter clothing item?

They used to be my snow boots until they broke a few years back, so now it's my grey hat. It comes out every winter and I always wear it to death. Can't beat a good warm hat when it gets chilly.

11. One beauty product you cannot be without this winter?

Any type of hand cream - currently I've been using one which my Mum got for me from Holland & Barrett, that smells of rose and camomile as I can get very dry skin which is worsened by the cold, frosty air, so I always make sure my hands are lathered to avoid the sore, cracked skin - the only downside to this time of year really!

12. Best Christmas memory?

The best ones for me are simply laughing and talking with my family. It's nothing extravagant but the aching belly laughs and the food, chatter and company don't really compare to anything else and they're always happy memories. Being able to laugh and chat with my friends in the pub and at their houses in the run up to Christmas is there as well - just company and good conversation with my family and friends, really.

And when it snowed at uni as you can see above - that was a great day!

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Enjoy and have a lovely week!



  1. Wow, you got this done super quick!! haha! Love it! can't believe I never thought of 'What's this?'!
    I also cannot wait to watch Home Alone! :D
    Thank you for all the lovely words about my little blog.


  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I LOVE that song! I've never heard it before because I've never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas. Are you about to hit me???
    Love your answers and I will try to do this!x

  3. Oh you've reminded me that I really really need to write and post my Christmas cards! Christmas is so soon now! Just a few more working weeks....ah!


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