A Flurry of Snow!

This week we finally got a little bit of snow! It was nowhere near as impressive as some other parts of the UK but all the excitement at seeing just a few flakes on the windowsill was enough to make me smile.

The leaves were covered in ice and snow transforming them from their usual coppery autumnal hues.

The pale colour in the sky had me thinking that we would get more snow but as I ventured outside with my camera, the flurry slowed down and then the sun appeared!

I was happy to finally be getting more than a dusting of snow however - I've been daydreaming about making snowmen in thick drifts of snow these past few weeks!

The sheep had all huddled together in a cute little bunch further up the hill and the neighbours horses were all tucked away in their stable. It was a cosy scene.

All of the House Sparrows that live nearby were sitting comfortably in this hedge, chirping away.

I am glad we finally got some snow but I am still holding out for thick, deep snow for snowmen conditions!

Hope you're all well and warm this weekend with the frosty chill that's recently swept in!



  1. We had some snow yesterday morning. It then rained so it wasn't there when I returned home. I only want it if it causes a school snow day!!! But I love your excited reaction to it!!x

  2. I get excited about the snow too - just a little of it can bring such a transformation to a dull winter landscape. I'm glad you had a little snow - hope you get more though, so you can make a snowman. I'd like some more too - I've had one snow day now, but I could cope with a couple more ;)

  3. These are all beautiful but something about that first photo really really appeals to me! I hope you get your snowman-level snowfall and I hope you get a photo of your snowman to show us when you make him!!

  4. Your photos are lovely! It hasn't snowed here yet. :(

    Tara x

  5. Gorgeous photos, I'm glad we haven't had snow here, I'm not a fan!

    Maria xxx

  6. Ah look how pretty it is! I'm not the biggest fan of snow, probably because I don't like being cold and it's so inconvenient to get places, but I wouldn't mind a covering just for a day for the chance to take some photos haha.

    You got some lovely shots. Liking the new header too!

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

  7. The snow looks so pretty. I always find pictures with the snow really interesting since we don't have snow here. It would be cool just to one time take outfit pictures in the snow. Thank you so much for your support on my youtube videos. Your comments mean so much to me.

  8. That shot of the snow covered lane is beautiful! We've had a sprinkle of snow again tonight but I think it's going to be pretty icy overnight! If only I lived somewhere prettier like this!

  9. Gorgeous photos! We had some snow, but sadly it didn't last long :( I managed to go out in the garden for a bit before work the day it snowed, but it had melted by the time I got home :(

  10. Ohhh your photos look so beautiful Tasha! <3
    No snow here :( I do love Winter and snow, but its probably a good thing we havent really had any tbh - as getting to and from work would be hell for me haha!
    It looks like such a lovely area where you've photographed! Great for photography walks :)
    Fab post!

    Jemma xx

  11. Beautiful perspective in these photos <3 Just flipping through your blog, I quickly discovered that you have quite an eye for photography. I wish I lived somewhere so picturesque!

    Thank you for the incredibly sweet comment you left on my blog (and for using my blog button, too!) ^_^ <3 Come back, any time!

    - Anna


  12. Hi Natasha, it was nice to hear from you again. Love these photos. The landscape is not too different from ours in Ocala, Fl. Can't imagine anyone wishing for snow but I hope your wish comes true soon.

  13. I'm just like you, snow makes me smile no matter what amount of it. In your photos you made the most of what little you got !

  14. These photos are so beautiful. I particularly like the really close up ones. I wish we'd have gotten that much snow!

    Sara Bloo xo

  15. Hello Tasha,
    Thanks for leaving a kind comment on my blog :)
    I can see indeed from your header photo that dragonflies do interest you :)
    You seem to have the same kind of weather I do: snowy and dark!!!
    Enjoy your evening :)

  16. I love these gorgeous snow captures, Tasha!! :)

  17. I confess that I like snow. And your photos of it are very nice!

  18. Oooh these photos are lovely! I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with snow as I commute to work by train and even the smallest flurry can cause chaos! I still dream of a white Christmas though :) x


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