A Frosty Walk

I woke up this morning to a dusting of snow and ice on the puddles which make the most satisfying crunch as you walk on them.

The sparse covering of snow on the lane made it look like the dusting of icing on top of a cake! I would love it if we had more snow because I love the way it transforms an entire landscape and makes walking a magical experience. 

I hadn't been out for a walk over the past few days as the weather had been so stormy and most days were pouring with rain and any attempt at braving the weather with an umbrellas was out of the question as the gales were so strong it was like venturing out into a mini tornado - so it was a nice change to see the little streams and the river looking a lot calmer.

The trees were reflected in the stream and it felt like walking along here when we first moved to Cumbria, in the heat of the summer! Everything was quiet, the birds were chirping sweetly in the hedges and the only other sound were the horses in the fields by the lane, softly munching on the grass.

The sun was full and bright in the sky and the sheep were back out in the fields, quietly grazing. 

There was barely a breeze in the air and the river was far calmer than it had been last week. Wrens and Blackbirds were out in force too, flitting between the hedges and the trees, and I spotted a Tufted Duck diving in the water - my first one! I'd caught brief glimpses of one of them a few weeks back but never had a chance to properly see them before they dived into the river. Unfortunately the zoom on my camera only caught a blurred picture so maybe I can get closer next time!

The Swans came to say hello again too. 

I hope all of you have had a good Monday!



  1. Ooooh lovely pictures as usual!!! I love walking through icy puddles, the crunch IS so satisfying! I love your picture of the swan :) x

  2. What a beautiful place to go walking! I never get that satisfying crunch of ice when I go out walking - its literally never that cold here.

  3. I've really been enjoying the snow and ice around here over the last week... it's just a shame work got in the way of my time to be outdoors in it :(
    You took some lovely photos on your walk :)

  4. I love the crunch of icy puddles as well aha! Beautiful photos!

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