Changing Views

Over the past few weeks I've been taking lots of different photos of the sky depending on whether or not I thought the view was interesting, the types of colours there, the shape of the clouds or the view of the sunset and sunrise, but after going through my camera I realised I'd unwittingly started to collect a series of photos of just this one view and each one was different from the last, which intrigued me.

The first one was a clear blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds throughout and the bare trees reaching up into the sky caught my attention. The sky looked like a scene from Summer whilst the empty branches are definitely a feature of Winter time. 

The second one was less focused on the sky itself and more on the sunset. There was a lot of condensation on the window and I really liked the way the rays shone through the droplets of water.

Then there was this sunset - caught between the branches after I'd come back from walking and had set the landscape alive with a soft, amber glow. Despite the cold temperatures at the moment when you find yourself in the path of the sun it makes a big difference!

The next morning the clouds were lit up by the sunshine and these lilac and lavender coloured hues made it seems as if I'd been transported back to the beginning of Spring! There was hardly any breeze in the air and seagulls were gliding over the horizon towards the coast. 

And then it was slightly foggy, grey, overcast and drizzly with rain dripping down my window and the birds all tucked away in their hedges. The sheep never seem to mind this though, you can see their white dots grazing away on the grass in the distance. This is a little like a Sky Watch Diary but it made me think about how different one place can look and how one area can change so dramatically based upon the time of day, the weather, the wildlife, even the angle of the photo and the different colours and shapes in the sky. 

Have any of you ever done something similar and taken photos of the same place at different times? 
I know I've seen a few blog posts about this from people I follow but this is the first time I noticed it for myself where I live and I'm intrigued to see how many others engage in it too. 

I hope you're all having a lovely week and if you're looking for something creative to do, the lovely Danielle, over at Underland to Wonderland is having her first ever giveaway which features a brilliant creative Disney twist so if you're interested head over to her blog and enter. 



  1. Oooh lovely idea! My mum once did this with an old oak tree near our house, she took it in every season (even in a snowy winter) at night and day (you could see orion in the sky above where it is). I still love those pictures, we have them up in the hall way at home :) And the tree is still there, I love walking by it. I may have to try this with my garden :) x

  2. Oh wow, what a beautiful way to transform day to day typical views :) The photographs are gorgeous, makes me want to do the same too now! haha

  3. These are such lovely photos Tasha, and what an interesting way to document a day x

  4. I love this Tasha! It's really cool to see how different the same view can look from day to day. I especially like the shot with the condensation - beautiful

  5. Nicely done and yes, I often take photos of the same place at different times and seasons! Thanks for your comments, Natasha!

  6. I love the colouring of the condensation on the window.


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