Following The Sun

Each time I head out for a walk at the moment I always seem to be following the sunset, which has proven lovely for taking photos of the sky as the day comes to a close. It seems to be the busiest walking time of the day here. This week I met a friendly man and his adorable little Yorkshire Terrier who he told me was called Lucy, and had a lovely chat before continuing on along the river. The people around here are lovely and it's always nice to stop and chat with a friendly stranger. 

This little robin had managed to escape my camera for many weeks until he finally posed for me on this fence the other day. I've always had a soft spot for robins. That tell tale flash of orange always makes me smile.

I've been trying to remember this quote this week. I have a tendency to really put my head down and work away and then get stressed out over how much there is to do, so I'm making an effort to find a happy medium between relaxing and working. 

Just getting outside and finding some sun always makes me feel better during these cold and frosty weeks after Christmas. This week's sunset was very bright but the sheep that usually call this field home had all disappeared!

It was lovely walking along here, listening to music and getting some rays. 

Ever since finishing the 365 Project I've been very aware of how much fun it is to take at least one photo each day. I'm hoping to start a scrapbook this year and finally get all of my mementos from university as well as other photos I've taken, all into one book, instead of having them hiding away in my drawers. 

I hadn't seen the pair of swans that usually glide along the river for a while, so was happy to see them swimming by the bank yesterday. This one came over to me, probably expecting food, but it was lovely to see them again and their bright white plumage always looks so immaculate. At university, our campus' lake had two resident swans and it was always nice to go for a walk around the lake and spot them. 

As the sun dips down behind the horizon and the day comes to an end it's a nice time to be walking back home and listening to the sounds of the river.

I hope you've all had a lovely week and have enjoyed the weekend.



  1. What a beautiful walk you've taken us on here! I didn;t realise you'd done 365 too - its addictive right? I'm loving your birds!

  2. Such beautiful pictures as usual :) I love robins, they're my favourite garden visitors :) I hope you had a good weekend x

  3. Wow - awesome shots. Looks like somewhere I'd like to explore! Nothing quite like a nice long walk alone (or with the dog) and it's even better with the sun beating down at this time of year.


  4. Beautiful pictures. Looks like somewhere I would like to walk. Swans are so photogenic. I don't think there is anything such as a pad picture of a swan. Maybe I'll become a swan in another life
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest


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