Tweet tweet! Birdwatch 2015!

This morning I rose bright and early (maybe not so bright with the cold and the comfy factor of my bed thrown in) to count birds for the annual Big Garden Birdwatch which the RSPB organise each year. It was my first time watching and counting but the year before I was using this very data to write my dissertation which was looking at the decline of British bird populations against climate change - it seems like a lifetime ago now - oh university!

I thought it would be silly not to use my Goldfinch pen :D Tea was an absolute must this morning too - this mug was given to my last Christmas by my lovely friend Lauren, she added a load of photos of my favourites including Supernatural, Merlin and Sherlock.

I saw a lot of different birds - Blue, Great and Coal Tits showed up and I managed to get a good few photos of the Blue and Great Tits. The little Blue Tit loves the half coconut shell. I also saw Chaffinches, Blackbirds a Songthrush and Dunnocks and a Robin, as well as a gang of House Sparrows!

This little Dunnock had it's back to me when I snapped a photo but was in and out of the garden when it was less crowded by the House Sparrows. 

The Blue Tit again. 

By around half 8 the sun was rising nice and high which was lovely. I hadn't watched the sunrise yet here so it was a nice, new experience for 2015 and you could feel the heat coming through the glass which was very welcome as it was a chilly one this morning!

A few Great Tits made a big appearance too - they're so lovely.

I also found this lovely purple flower in the garden - no idea what type of flower it is so if anyone with Eagle eyes can identify, that would be welcome! At first I thought it was a Thistle but it looks slightly different to any Thistles I've seen before.

I also found my first Snowdrops of the year!

And the final sunny start to the morning after completing the Birdwatch. You can see my neighbour's feeders which were full of birds too so they've had a good feeding this morning between our gardens!

Little brief photo of one the House Sparrows too - who were flitting about in and out of the garden after the watch was over. 

And a final Blue Tit photo - they're very sweet!

Did any of you take part in the Birdwatch?

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!



  1. Wow! You got a great variety visit you! Im doing mine tomorrow, thankfully this year its over two days, as I was out all day today.
    You managed to get this post up super quick aswell haha!!


  2. Lovely photos Tasha! Mae loves bird watching ;) x

  3. Great Photos! You have so many cute little birds where you live! I love the snowdrops, they remind me of days in my Nannas garden so they hold a special place in my heart. Excellent mug too, big fan of Supernatural here!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I love bird watching :) I got a great pic of a Robin today when walking around Tatton Park. Hope you had a good weekend- you've reminded me I must sort my bird feeder out! x

  5. I will admit, I have a fear of any animals with beaks (long story!), however, lately, I have seen more and more beauty in birds, and think they are just fascinating. I try take snaps of them but they are too shy and quick. My dad is a big bird lover, I swear he feeds them more than he would feed himself, birds come and they eat from his hands, he would LOVE to see these photographs, I must show him. Thank you so much for sharing these :)

  6. Oh university days...I feel you. I graduated a year ago December and it feels like many-many-many years ago!

    Your pictures are amazing!! We don't bird watch much in Vegas, we are more in-doors kind of folk. I love living vicariously through you though - my dose of nature.


  7. I've never taken part in the bird watch, but I do love watching the birds in the garden. We have a lot of house sparrows, goldfinches and tits - great, blue and coal, plus the usual robins, thrushes, blackbirds, and we get lots of bullfinches at certain times of the years too (and a sparrowhawk!).

    Those flowers are cornflowers. Perennial cornflowers I think.

  8. I would LOVE to do this, but I have two cats. We get a few birds in our garden now and then, but we don't feed them etc because I'd be worried if I encouraged them my cats might get them. It sucks though because I love birds. Some lovely pics you got too! Have to say blue tits are one of my favourite birds. :)

    Sara Bloo xo

  9. I am totally jealous that you say snowdrops in JANUARY!


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