Letting the Sun Beat Back the Blues

 This week felt a little grey and tired. I wasn't my usual sunny self and coupled with general life stress and other personal issues going on, the weather seemed to reflect that. The wind has been bitingly cold and the birds seemed to disappear from the garden altogether this week, so I was very happy to venture outside today and find this little one perched in the branches in the back garden.

It was almost as if this little Blue Tit knew I needed a bit of colour and a friendly visitor, so thank you little bird!

So I spent some time outside, getting some winter sun and enjoying the new snowdrops that have surfaced over the week and listening to the birds. Just being outside, quiet, enjoying the scenery has really been helping me these past few days.

Inspired by the sun and the birds, I've been getting creative, moving things around in my room, re-organising myself and re-discovering things I'd completely forgotten about! Just yesterday I found my lava stone (the black rock with holes), my crinoid stems, (the 3 tube shaped pieces to the left of the lava stone), my ammonite, (at the back right hand side) and my ammonite pendant which I got as a birthday present from my university friends. It's really small but finding little things I'd forgotten about really made me smile and remember what I do have while I'm feeling like I'm without as I'm searching for that job. 

I'm trying to take this quote to heart this week.

It says:

Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul - Max Ehrman.

And watching the seagulls enjoy themselves!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.



  1. It's been a pretty sunny (but cold!) week where I am but I've also felt really low all week, with work and still having a lingering cold... here's to better weeks ahead!

  2. Getting back to nature always helps to reset me when I am feeling sad or stressed, hope you are feeling better!

    Maria xxx

  3. This is lovely Tasha! Sending you many hugs.xx

  4. The song of a single little bird can bring so much joy and comfort!
    Yes. You are a child of the universe! That quote could be your mantra for awhile. Let it soak in. ;)

  5. I enjoyed looking at your photos my favourite was the snowdrops photo. I love stepping outside into nature when I'm not feeling myself or life gets stressful it has a calming effect which i think is good for every human :)


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