Misty Evenings & Sunny Mornings

The evenings have been cool and frosty with mist eerily creeping across the hills and into the fields, so the evening sunsets have been full of bursts of brilliant colour against a foggy backdrop as of late. 

My flash unexpectedly went off when I was taking this, creating an almost bokeh effect with the low lying fog outside, but you can still see that orange/amber hue in the distance beneath that dark blue sky. It wasn't as dark as the picture leads you to believe and yet a simple change in lighting caused by my flash has created this dark and brooding foggy scene, but I really like the outcome.

I love the way that light and shadow play together to transform a place. I've been noticing it a lot lately and this thorny bush which is in the front garden created a maze of branches which the sunlight hit casting odd shadows on the ground. The dark, cloudy sky behind made it seem very eerie yesterday and with the misty evenings, it felt more like the depth of winter, which was odd seeing as lots of snowdrops have been popping up recently, so a hint of springtime is on the air, but it's one of the reasons I love the weather so much - completely unpredictable and wild!

When the sun does make itself known the colours and warmth can lift any dark mood. It's nice to see the wildlife beginning to emerge from their winter resting places and as the plants wake up and begin to bloom, I'm filled with new energy at the prospect of new life and new starts. Sometimes the New Year doesn't ever really kick in for me until spring when everything changes again so I sometimes wonder if I suffer from a touch of SAD. 

Do any of you have experience with this? That low feeling which seems to get worse as the evenings darken?

I can always count on the Blue Tit to make me feel better again though. Those lovely blue, green and yellow shades always made me smile. 

I hope you're all having a lovely week!



  1. Oooooh very pretty pictures! That Bokeh effect one at the start is just brilliant, I always love it when that happens :) Awww I love Blue Tits, the ones in our garden never sit still long enough for me to get a pic!!

  2. Beautiful as always. Totally cool how the flash created the bokeh effect and I'm always a fan of a silhouetted tree/bush.
    Spring really should be offcial new year, I really do struggle with a lack of vitamin D and the effects of darks days, blahh!


  3. Great shots! I especially love the silhouetted thorny bush. I really enjoy winter to begin with but I do think that towards the end of the season I get a touch of the SAD's

  4. Beautiful and serene picture, Tasha!! Your photos always uplift and inspire :)

  5. Yes, agreed - I always feel horrible when the dark evenings draw in! Stunning photography as always xx

  6. Darling. You speak my language.
    Most definitely, SAD is real. I've lived in many different parts of the U.S. and I'm much more active, optimistic, less broody and much happier in sunny places. I have experimented, you could say.
    For a brief time I lived in the Midwest. I came very close to purchasing a SAD lamp (yep, there actually is such a thing) but we moved to sunnier state instead! Soooo, I was thinking. Maybe you need a change of scenery? Have you considered moving to Arizona or someplace "out west" ? For school? For adventure? For a short while? Why not! I suppose that's a ludicrous idea. :) Ah well, go find yourself one of those lamps. Lemme know how it feels.
    Your pictures are so lovely, Tasha.

  7. The pictures are superb, thanks Tasha.

  8. Yes, I can understand the SAD- I see myself in a much less positive light in the winter months- things feel hard, I feel grumpy, so like you, getting out and appreciating the nature is so important!
    I like the unexpected bokeh effect in that shot and the phrase 'maze of branches' is a great one- so true!
    Thank you for your lovely letter- I shall endeavour to write soon!x

  9. I adore Spring! I haven't found the start of this year as tough as I usually do but then I've been doing a good job of keeping myself busy.
    These are lovely, cheerful, springy photos! I love the little lamb- not many of them in Birmingham city centre but we do have plenty of spring flowers :)


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