Snow-Capped Mountains

Needing to get out and into the mountains to combat the blues this week meant we were greeted with snow-capped peaks in amongst the mist along Newland's Valley, near Buttermere.

When it first started snowing a good few weeks back the mountains seemed to get the majority of it and it was great to see that there was just a little bit left to photograph before it melted away.

I really liked the way the snow had formed into little trails down the mountain and where the reddish autumnal scrub plants had begun to dry out and die off, there is now that dark brown colour which contrasted beautifully against the snow and mist.

The day was very misty and overcast which made me feel like I was venturing out into the wilds! There was hardly anyone around too which meant it was very quiet and peaceful. I find getting away from the town and out into the countryside really helpful when things seem to be getting on top of me.

One of my favourite things about mountainous places is that no matter how many times I see them there is always something new to spot, and the ways in which the landscape seems to change colour makes it that little bit more magical.

You can see the little waterfall in the bottom corner of this photo - which was flush with meltwater. 

There were lovely Swaledale sheep grazing happily in the fields. They must be such hardy sheep as it was pretty cold, but they were so friendly and stopped to pose for me!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!



  1. Gorgeous scenes, as always! I always like to pop by your blog for something a little different! xx

  2. What a cute couple of sheep you came across there, gorgeous photographs too!

  3. Beautiful! How super to get so close to the animals too.

  4. These are beautiful shots! Getting out into nature always cheers me up too - I hope you're feeling better!

  5. Swaledales ARE very hardy! Their wool is usually made into carpets!!! The shots are beautiful- wonderful Buttermere. xx

  6. How beautiful are your pictures!
    You just made me realize that the closest I can get to nature here in London is by going to the park. I remember the mountain views from our village house when I was little. As you say, they are constantly changing and there is something new to spot every day.
    Beautiful post!

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  7. The sheep appear to be quite friendly...or very curious about the person with the camera!

  8. WOW I would totally love to hike these mountains :)

  9. Simply stunning!! I read this at the weekend but can't comment on my phone, apologies! We really are so lucky to live in such beautiful parts of the world though. Gotta love some cute sheep too!!



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