The Big 365 Summary!

2014 was the first time I got involved with the 365 Project and I've been sorting all of my photos out from the past year and wanted to share my favourites with you. I really enjoyed taking part in this and I was inspired to do so by my Dad, who completed his one in 2013 and ended up with a nice set of photos chronicling the year. I'm also really enjoying looking at everyone else whose taking part this year and no doubt I'll probably get involved again next year too. This is quite an image heavy post so I apologise in advance if it takes a while to load! 

I snapped these Foxgloves in the garden of my previous home back in Milton Keynes and I loved the pattern inside these petals, I can definitely see how they work to attract insects into the flower and I was really enchanted by the shade of pink!

This little one was wandering across the flagstones of my old garden, again back in Milton Keynes, and I loved the swirling design on his shell. It was a lovely, hot day that day too and I spent a lot of time outside soaking up the sun, and apparently, so did this snail too!

My university's campus in Bath had these lovely hidden little lanes which I often took to get back to Main House to hop on the bus and as with many New Year starts it had been raining for most of the week so my umbrella never left my side and this photo takes me straight back to my very first dissertation talks and the start of my third year.

Moving up to Cumbria after graduating was a big step and risk for us all and while there have been a few hitches here and there (as with life) it has so far been a new and exciting experience and the wildlife and sights to be seen have been well worth the change. This gorgeous piebald Pony being just one of them.

As the summer wore on and I returned back home to Milton Keynes before my final assignments I spent a great deal of time enjoying the nice weather and taking in the garden before we moved. I love this photo because of the deep greens and the sunlight peeking in. 

Thor used to come with me every time my laptop took a trip to the library for some dissertation work. This badge was a gift from my good friend Lauren and it always made me smile when work was taking over!

In Bath as the summer began to emerge, so too did the blossoms and these bright yellow flowers were among some of the first to bloom and their cheery colour spurred me and gave me renewed speed to finish my dissertation! Yay!

This gorgeous Small Tortoiseshell was one of the first butterflies I saw after I moved to Cumbria and in amongst these flowers, Hoverflies, Bumblebees, Honeybees and Waps were all on the search for nectar. It was so warm that day and the sheep were baaing away in the fields and this was one of the first days where I felt truly at home. 

I've always been a bit of a collector so it was no surprise that a jewellery collection photo of sorts would end up in amongst my 365 and I really liked the warmth in this photo.

If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know I enjoy a bit of sky watching especially if there's a beautiful sunset or a myriad of colours in the sky, and this day was no exception as I watched a bright, golden sunset in Milton Keynes a day before heading back to Bath for my final few weeks.

The last few days in Bath before the end and these Apple Tree blossoms were the sweetest addition to the garden, adding some colour and making me smile.

Most mornings I wake up and see these little light waves on my ceiling and it's usually a sign of a good, sunny day ahead!

I didn't want to leave out this photo as a I adore Bluebells and back in Milton Keynes our garden used to be full of them each spring and summer. I love that purple/violet colour and as soon as I see Bluebells I feel that spring is really here!

And, finally, an inspiring message which I try to live by :)

I hope you like this - there are so many images to go through and there were a lot more that I wanted to share with you all but this post would be so long if I did that but I think this is a nice little collection of the images I posted!

How many of you are taking part or thinking of taking part in the 365 Project this year or the next?
I'd love to see your photos!

Hope you're all well!



  1. A lovely collection of photos! I'm into year 4 of the 365 project... it's just become a way of life now! I love doing it, documenting things, and I love how so many times it has made me leave the house when I wouldn't have bothered otherwise and led to me some beautiful sights/experiences and a few fantastic shots! Sorry if I've already mentioned this to you, but have you see the project365 website? I use it - I love it, it's a friendly community if you wish to interact and a really great place to learn tips and tricks and see amazing scenes from all over the world... Here's a link to mine if you want to have a look (there aren't any 'rules' either - you can start any time and it's up to you what you upload and when!) - http://365project.org/roachling/365/2015-02

  2. Excellent set, and my favourite author, jack kerouac.

  3. What gorgeous photographs. This project just involves taking a photo every day? Anything specific or what you want? I am no good at photography, I think doing something like this would help me improve, I am awful at forgetting my camera on random days out thought. The photo of the butterfly is stunning :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great set of photos! I did the 365 challenge last year and I really enjoyed it (although there were a couple of days where it was a bit tough to find something to take a photo of...). It was actually what inspired me to start up Daily Details

  5. Very beautiful photos collected throughout the past year :)
    I'm sure they bring you so many lovely memories.

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  6. Really enjoyed this round up (but am feeling super bad that its taken me so long to get caught up!). I'm very much missing your 365 updates on Facebook!!


  7. What an amazing year of photos. I'd love to do the 365 one year. Tasha you should join Instagram! It would be a great place to display your awesome photography!


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