Four Years of Through Tasha's Camera!

My first ever post on this little blog here, was back in 2011 on the 3rd January, and since then what started out as a hobby to get me being a bit more creative whilst making a digital time capsule for me to look back over on, has become one of my favourite things to indulge in, and I thought it would be quite cool to share some of my favourite photos over the past four years with you all.

It's gotten me so much more interested in photography and nature and sharing my favourite things about where I live, what I've been up to and what I enjoy doing, has been so much fun to do. I've met some absolutely lovely people, who have become the nicest pen pals and  friends and hopefully one day I can meet some of you in real life too!

Lace Webbed Spider. Positive Vibes. View from my uni house window. Fireworks. Doodles. Bee Fly. Winter Skies

Squirrel. Smudge the Guinea-Pig (sadly no longer here!) Fresh Snow. Wave Cut Platforms at Southerndown in Wales.

Cumbrian Mountains. White Blossoms. Autumn Leaves. Primrose. Berry Pomeroy Castle. St Bees. Church Cottage in Rydal. Forget Me Nots.

Dartmoor Ponies. Red Skies. Deer at Richmond Park. Tree lined paths at Ashridge. Foals at Watford.

Black and White Ruffed Lemur at Woburn. Canadian Geese at Furzton Lake. Meerkat at West Midland's Safari Park. Calf at my Uni Campus. 

Positivity. Butterflies. Painting. Squirrel. Tarantula. Me. Wild Flowers. 

Damselfly. Jellyfish at Bristol Aquarium. Moth. Bee. Fledgling Blackbird. Swan and Cygnets. Skies over Bath. New Forest Ponies. Daisies. 

Garden Spider. Skies over my Uni Campus. Snow on Campus. Wild Flower. Roses. Mallard.

A big thank you to everyone who reads, comments and gets something from my blog whether it be inspiration, a smile, something new and interesting or you just enjoy it! I love sharing little bits and pieces here and reading all the lovely comments and getting to know everyone so thank you very much, I always smile when I log in and see all the great posts and interactions and reading other blogs - it's a hobby that's become a passion and I hope I can keep it going for another four years too! 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!



  1. Oh goodness!! I had no idea you had been blogging so long. Congratulations and well done.I hope for many more years to come.


  2. Congratulations on four years! That's pretty impressive! i always enjoy stopping by your little corner of the interwebs - your posts always make me smile. A great mix of photos in this post (although you have a couple of scary looking spiders there!!)

  3. Yey for a fellow long haul blogger! Even though I only recently came across your blog I love your photography. You're braver than me getting anywhere close enough to take a spider's photo!

  4. Oh my gosh your pictures!!!!!!!!! So good (as always!). I want to go to that Saffari park you listed.. I love zoos and any location with animals. Is that your guinea pig? Your photography skills are really impressive. How long have you been doing it?

  5. It is very interesting how we blogging changes us and gives us new perspectives, and as well how our blogging evolves with us.
    Great pictures, Natasha! :))

  6. Oh I missed this!!! Many congratulations on 4years of blogging photography, I have loved getting to know you x x


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