Spring on the Breeze

I feel like the signs of spring are all around at the moment and I was so happy to see my favourite, sunny flowers appearing in the garden this week.

Daffodils are probably my favourite flower and as soon as I notice them popping up along verges and in gardens I know that spring can't be too far off! As I type this however, gale force winds are rapping at my window making me feel like I should be gathering up equipment for storm chasing!

I'm a bit of a cloud watcher as I've probably mentioned before, but I absolutely love these types of clouds, as they look like waves in a big sky ocean! I think these are cirrocumulus clouds but they may also be altocumulus clouds - my cloud ID skills can always do with some polishing so if there are any eagle eyed sky watchers among you and you know for definite what these lovely cloud formations are then please let me know!

Lovely snowdrops.

Mossy garden rocks. 

These lovely purple flowers have been blooming in the garden too, and after some help from a kind Twitter user, these have been identified as Heather! I need to work on my plant ID skisll - birds, bugs, animals etc. I'm fine, mostly, but plants - give me time!

And finally,

Surely sweet little lambs gambolling about in the fields are a definite sign of spring?! I always love this part of spring because lambs are just adorable and they always make me smile. All we need now is some sunshine! 

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!



  1. Ahhhh, I love little lambs, so adorable. Springtime flowers are just the best, so colourful.

  2. Lovely photos! My first thought was altocumulus when I saw your clouds but my cloud skills are pretty rusty too so I'm probably wrong. Are you a member of the cloud appreciation society?! It doesn't cost much to join, I keep meaning to sign up, I'll get around to it one day!

  3. Aww those little lambs! Always a great sign of spring! i'm so ready for all my spring bulbs to start coming up!

  4. Oh the dear lamb!!! I love your photos- Daffs are my favourite too! So happy and musical they are! I think they are more like altocumulus- cirrocumulus are a bit more fluffy and individual- these are a bit flatter BUT I haven't read the cloud manual for a while so I am probably totally wrong!x

  5. Spring is so beautiful now that it's finally getting a bit warmer. Just yesterday I was wondering what's the name of these flowers in English - snowdrops :)) Thank you!

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  6. Beautiful pictures Tasha! Spring is in the air it appears :)

  7. Beautiful photos! I especially love the snowdrops. Spring is totally the est time of the year

  8. In spring the UK is literally flooded by daffodils, which is so nice and feels so inspiring from all the winter darkness and dreariness. I love that you like taking pictures of clouds, sometimes in the summer you can get totally lost in them. I've seen a few lambs playing in the fields and they are so adorable. Hope you're well xxx

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures

  9. All of those Spring flowers!! <3 Loving all the daffys around my area.


  10. hahahah the picture of the goat and the sheep is to die for!!!! Beautiful pictures, darling! Where are you located? Ps--snap dragons and tulips are some of my favorite flowers.


  11. Everything is so lovely!! I can't tell you the last time I stopped to enjoy the changes in weather.


  12. Lovely photos! I can't wait for warmer weather! :) xx


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