That Spring Feeling

This week so far has left me feeling a lot brighter and ready to tackle the days ahead with the return of the sun, and flowers and plants blooming along the hedgerows. The birds are chirping away outside, the sky has got a lovely shade of blue about it and the clouds are all puffy and white. I do love this time of year.

Sunshine Flowers.

The Daffodils have got me feeling happy and sunny! I love how each season has it's own set of colours and while I admire and love the crisp, frostiness of winter around Christmas time, I am always longing for the bright blues, yellows and greens of spring and summer once the celebrations have passed, so this is definitely one of the my favourite times of the year.

I am very glad to have these bright blue skies back again.

These little ones are adorable.

All of the sheep seem to have had their lambs now in the field near our house, and they're already growing quite quickly too! I definitely think that there is a part of me that wants to be a farmer or own a little smallholding of my own. It's probably not the most glamorous thing I should be after at 24 but I love watching them bounce about in the fields! 

Flaming oranges and reds signalling new life coming back to the garden plants.

Buds budding away soon to open - I always get excited and know that soon it won't be long until there are blossoms on the trees and that lovely sheen of green on the branches in a couple of months. 

I also love the way that the bare branches lead to some interesting shapes cast on the ground when the sun's out to play - they're like long, bony hands, like something out of a fairytale.

I was also really happy to get out and be strolling into town with the sky a nice blue behind those clouds and the River Derwent much more calm than I'd previously seen in winter. What a difference a few weeks makes when the seasons start to change!

I am definitely feeling ready for the warmer months!

I'm also looking forward to Earth House which is this Saturday, the 28th March at 8:30pm and to take part all you need to do is turn your lights off for an hour! If you want to find out more and what's it's all about, here is a link to the WWF's site here.

Hope you're all having a lovely week!
What are you most looking forward to about spring? Are you getting involved with Earth Hour?



  1. Seeing daffodils everywhere is such an instant mood booster! x

  2. Love daffodils they are such a pick me up thing to see. I've noticed a couple of my daff bulbs coming up in the garden but they are long way away from flowers yet, which kinda sucks! That and it's snowing right now so I will live spring through your photographs!

  3. We had no daffodils for ages and then this week, they are popping up everywhere! I need to get out in the sun and snap some photos :) I've hardly done anything this month, so it'll be nice to get out with my camera again!

  4. Beautiful daffs and it is a good thing youd like your own smallholding or farm, very admirable aim.Xx

  5. These are such lovely photographs, Tasha. I love when the seasons change from winter to spring - I feel so much more optimistic and upbeat when I walk to work under a blue sky and colourful flowers are springing up in the park around the corner from my office. It's also the Easter weekend next week, which is another lovely bonus about spring!


  6. The first signs of spring are so refreshing. The daffodils are really gorgeous and definitely one of my favourite flowers. How adorable are those little lambs!!

  7. Spring is just that season that makes everything seem a bit better right? What a beautiful smile you have :) And OH MY GOSH THAT LAMB IS SO CUTE.

  8. I so can't wait for the sunshine to start warming up, so I can enjoy more time outdoors!

    Nice selfie :))


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