The Lamb Chronicles

This week on Monday morning I awoke feeling pretty blue and not feeling too positive about anything, until I looked out of my window to see not just the two little lambs who had been gambolling about the fields, but seven little fluffy faces, enjoying the sunshine!

(The photos below aren't of the best quality as many of these were taken from my lookout post out of my bedroom window, but I am aiming to get a bit closer this week and take some nicer snaps!)

The middle lamb is one of the first which appeared and the other two are some of the newer additions. Look at their little faces!

This little one at the front with the floppy ears is a real heart breaker, he's so little and cute!

Here he/she is, having a little sleep after all the excitement of their feed being delivered. The farmer brings it around midday and all of the sheep huddle around the gate, baaing away, it's very sweet. It may seem a little sad that these animals have become a great source of entertainment for me, but they have! I'm enjoying their antics before they switch fields again. 

This is possibly my favourite little lamb so far, he's an inquisitive little soul and is often bounding around the field and likes to watch the neighbour's cat wandering across the path. 

At this point he decided he to jump into the feed trough and have a closer look - I will endeavour to get some better photos of these little cuties for you all, as they're incredibly sweet, but they really brightened my day so thank you little lambs for putting a smile on my face, I needed it!

This week I am definitely feeling the spring mood and I can't wait for the warmer evenings. 
What are you most looking forward to about the change in seasons?

I hope you're all having a lovely week and enjoying the March sunshine!



  1. Aw, what a cutie! This time of year is full of wonderful things to put a smile on your face x

  2. Awwww sweet little lambs! Another thing I love about Spring :) All the little lambs. There are hundreds close to where I live, they are adorable, but the mam's are so protective, which I can understand :)

  3. Oh they are utterly adorable!!x

  4. Growing up in the countryside the seeing of lambs in the field was always a sure sign of spring! I'm sadly a long way away from fields these days, but my mam still texts me when she spots them haha!

  5. Lovely to see! I saw some last night, frollicking in a field, but wasn't able to stop for a photo sadly.

  6. I miss the countryside when I see posts like this! I miss sheep and cows haha. All we have are big empty fields here, which I do enjoy, but I enjoy a little animal life more :)

    ~ K

  7. Oh, you're right! These lambs are total heartbreakers!! So precious – love these photos, Tasha!!

  8. This is so adorable, I never get to see so many lambs in the one place, you got the best pictures.

  9. Aww, you're so lucky to live so close to these little cuties - baby animals have to be one of the best things about spring!



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