Finding Wild Flowers

This week I've been spotting wild flowers.

I found these Lesser Celandine flowers growing alongside the verges by the river, their sunny petals adding some much needed colour to the hedgerows. I can't wait for more to bloom as when I first arrived up here the river bank was alive with colour.

I also found some Lady's Smock/Cuckoo flowers, which I found out are named because they bloom alongside the first sign of the returning Cuckoo's to the UK, or so I've read. I really like the lilac colour and they were all clustered along the riverbank. I hope I see some butterflies soon!

Not the best of photos but this colourful Pheasant has been wandering around outside for the past few days too, and he always runs off before I can get a decent photo so I'm on a mission to try and get closer!

Springy Lambs! They've moved across to the field on the other side of the river now but I can still hear them baaing away. 

And a sunny River Derwent on my walk into town this week too. Welcome back April!

Have a lovely Easter!


  1. Aw I love wildflowers, I can't wait for the frost warnings to be gone for the year so I can get around to sowing out the wildflowers for my garden.

  2. The wildflowers are starting to bloom here too! And I just noticed the other day that the trees are starting to blossom too! I was going to go out and photograph them this weekend, but the grey skies and rain kind of ruin that spring feeling!

  3. I love to see your photos, always so many adorable things that I don't usually see.

  4. A lovely collection of photos here - Finding little wildflowers is one of my favourite things to do!

  5. I love wildflowers!!! I love the wild orchids that grow around here in the summer, they smell SO SO tasty!!! In Switzerland, we saw some lovely alpine flowers too.
    Don't worry about the letter too much, it makes me feel guilty you are so quick when I take a while to reply. Xx

  6. These are such beautiful pictures, love the baby lambs! Rebecca | Rebecca Marie: UK Lifestyle Blog xxx

  7. My favorite picture is the first one--the colors are so bright and beautiful! You really do take such lovely photos, Tasha. You have so much talent!!




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