On the Trail of Flowers!

With the brilliant sunshine, warm breezes and these dreamy blue skies we've been having here in the Lake District, there have been no shortages of photo opportunities involving beautiful hedgerows dotted all over with bright, colourful flowers and plants. 

I had to ask any brilliant botanists to identify this particular flower as I had no idea! But the lovely Karen from Wild Wings and Wanderings knew straight away who these bright pink petals belonged to. This is a Ribes Sanguineum or a Flowering Currant! Karen's blog is perfect if you're a nature lover like myself and features brilliant photography and interesting topics, so pay her a visit, if you wish!

I am loving the variety of Daffodils springing up around here and the different colours have bathed the hedgerows and the garden in bursts of yellows, oranges and creams.

I'm so happy to see Daisies popping up now too!

The Heather is nearly taking over the garden now, and there have been honey bees buzzing about too, happily collecting nectar. I am hoping to get a few good photos of the bees as more of them come back to the garden - I do love this time of year!

I hope you're all well and enjoying the sun!



  1. I love love love taking photos of flowers! I was in Epcot Disney last year when they had the garden festival on and I got so many lovely photos!

    Corinne x

  2. Those daffs are so pretty!

  3. Great to catch up with you again. There did seem to be a glitch in the Blogger works in which I also lost some contact details.

    I love daffodils, especially the miniature varieties. So wonderfully vibrant, a sure sign that Spring is here though like last year ours had only shown their heads to be flattened by the wind.

  4. We had plenty of sunshine on the weekend, so I was up and out and taking photos of the blossoms. Our daffodils seem a little late though, some are out, some are still to come out. Another excuse to see more flowers and take more photos!

  5. Daisies are such a basic flower but also one that I adore seeing starting to appear. Wild flowers are always my favorite and I love all of these photos!



  6. Ah, I love spotting flowers on my walks! Don't know if I've ever seen Heather before, but it looks so pretty! xx


  7. The daffodils are so pretty and I love the way you've captured them in your photos. So pretty! I love it when I return to the UK and the entire country is drowned in a yellow sea of daffodils. I wish we can have them all year round (or at least have another flower being equally dominant in presence after the Daffodils have gone).

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures

  8. These are just charming!!! I love the flowers of the Spring- so much hope and joy!x

  9. They are all so gorgeous and some of my favourite vibrant colours. My absolute favourite picture is the yellow flower with the beautiful two tones.

  10. Daffodils are so fun! I haven't noticed any of these pop up in our area--but hopefully the grocery store will have some as I'd love to include them in a floral arrangement.

    These pictures are stunning as always Tasha! Just love how sweet this set of pictures are. Thank you so much for sharing!


  11. Oh such beautiful pictures! Such a pick-me-up seeing flowers again.. Gets you excited for summer!

    Thanks for sharing! :) x


    1. I love your blog I just went across and had a look but I can't comment on your latest post! Thank you for the lovely comments though! - Tasha

  12. I love spring - I think it might be my favourite season. I can't get enough of the blue skies, warmer days and nights and colourful splashes of flowers dotted everywhere. These are beautiful photographs, Tasha - lovely, little snapshots of this wonderful time of year.



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