30 Days Wild - Week 1!

After much deliberation, I felt completely inspired by Louise of Ramblings of a Roachling, to get involved with 30 Days Wild because it seemed sad not to, especially as I often end up spending time in the garden or having a wander along by the river most days anyway! 

So here is the round-up of my first week getting involved with 30 Days Wild. If you're interested, you can still sign up and get involved, by visiting this link and please send me your posts if you do sign up! I've already come across some amazing ones so please share them with me!

Day 1. Honey-bee Hideout

As the Apple Tree Blossoms bloomed into life, the garden became a hive (pun intended) of activity, with honey-bees galore! So I spent some time watching them and taking photos and it was this one I liked the most - the lighting isn't the best but I just love the blurriness of the branches behind and this bee spent the longest on this blossom so I feel like I almost nearly made a friend!

2. Perfect Perennials

Sitting reading in the garden and taking in the sun, I spied these gorgeous flowers growing along by the fence. I love these Perennial Cornflowers, they remind me of fireworks the way their petals spread out the way they do and the purple/pink shade is just lovely. 

Day 3. Brilliant Bugs

I found this little one having a rest on a leaf as I wandered out for a quick stroll last week and it's little antennae are so cute! I've still yet to do any ID-ing of a few of my finds so bear with me and I shall have the answers at hand soon!

Day 4. Hidden Blooms

This Rosemary was hiding away behind another bush and the flowers are so lovely and delicate, but my favourite thing about Rosemary, is the amazing smell when you rub the leaves together. My Mum grew Rosemary in our old garden before we moved and the smell is really comforting. 

Day 5. Woodland Wanderings

Going for a walk is always relaxing and since summer has come around, the leaves have finally returned to the trees and this particular pathway feels like walking through an enchanted forest as the trees join together overhead casting some much needed shade when the sun is out!

Day 6. Birdsong

These little Sparrows are always outside my window and their sweet chirping is always a nice way to wake up in the morning.

Day 7. Field Day

When the sun is out and the breeze is warm, there's nothing better than getting out and going for a quick stroll in the neighbouring field. The grass is longer now and while the Dandelions have gone to seed, the Buttercups are in full swing, dotting the grass with little yellow splashes of colour, and the bees love them!

That's my first week from Monday 1st to Sunday the 7th done! I packed all of this in short bursts, aside from the weekend when I had more time to go out for a walk and take more photos but this just goes to show you don't need hours each day to get out and explore. 

Are you taking part in 30 Days Wild?

Hope you've all had a lovely start to the week!



  1. I'm really glad you've decided to join in! Honestly, when you said you weren't going to I did think it was a bit strange as you do seem to go out for a walk or whatever most days - but it was your choice! I'm really glad you've decided to join in and will look forward to seeing what you get up to. I'm so pleased that I have inspired you!

  2. Yey for joining in, so am I (even though i'm in Michigan these days haha). I've been sharing mine on IG and twitter and hoping to do a round up every 10 days on my blog to bore everyone with more pictures of mine lol.

  3. That path is lovely with the sun peeking through!

  4. So glad you're doing this! Love your activities and the beautiful pictures. X

  5. I'd love to take a part of the 30 days wild challenge one day, but at the moment it would only be - wild urban London ;))

    The little sparrows outside your window are such a blessing!

  6. I can't resist a bit of nature! Looking forward to the rest of your 30 days of wild :)

  7. What a lovely thing to take part in - I'm looking forward to seeing more of your sightings! I really like how similar we are on the nature front (eg. wandering out and photographing flowers) :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice



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