30 Days Wild - Week 2!

There's been a lot of sun and warm weather this week which has brought out all of the local wildlife and having such beautiful weather here, there has been no shortage of things to do and places to go. 

Day 8. Hints of Green

Out for a quick walk and the way the sun was reflecting off of the leaves looked so pretty and calming. 

Day 9. All Grown Up

The lambs are so much bigger now and look more like their mums than the little, gambolling fluffy babies that were born back in April. I always see them spending time along the river, they love it there!

Day 10. Riverside Wanderings

I came back along the river again as the day was so hot and the cool water was calling to me. I love the way these trees have twisted and bent along the riverside. 

Day 11. Woodcarving

I found these old stumps along the river, with sheep's wool attached, and I love the different patterns and colours of the notches on the wood - nature's own form of art.

Day 12. May Bug!

This impressive little one was found scuttling across our living room floor so I carefully took it back outside and this cute beetle was kind enough to let me take some photos before it warmed up and flew off into the sky, probably to find a more suitable new home than on our carpet where I only just narrowly missed treading on it!

Day 13. Lazy Flower Fields Days

Off for another walk in the sun, up the small hill to take in the wild-flowers and listen to the birds chirping away.

Day 14. Swans-a-Swimming

This swan is one of a pair which currently has three lovely cygnets, which at this point were all bundled away back in their nest, but were so cute nonetheless. I'll keep my eyes out for them over the next few days and hopefully I can get another photo of them at some point!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!



  1. Great photos - love that wood carving you came across!

  2. Beautiful summery pictures. I love a good lamb! As a Devonish I expected to have seen so many more of them during my 30 years on earth but every time I stumble across one shading under a tree I get a bit giddy.
    M x

  3. One of my favourite things to capture with the camera, I love trees and especially old trees stripped of their leaves.

  4. One of my favourite things to capture with the camera, I love trees and especially old trees stripped of their leaves.

  5. Your photographs are always so beautiful, Tasha. Where you live looks like a dream (I live in the city, so very jealous of your peaceful surroundings right now!). I can't believe how big the sheep have got from your photographs back in spring!


  6. The sunshine looks so lovely. I always adore your sweet animal pictures, how adorable is the little lamb. Swans are very beautiful, I wish there were more of them around here.

  7. Oh god, the photo of the beetle is making me shiver haha! Joking aside though, these are wonderful photos - particularly the one focussing upwards showing the leaves against the sky, the contrast between the two is really lovely :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  8. Very beautiful shots and my most favourite is from day 9. The little lamb is so cute :)

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  9. I haven't seen too many swans around here, so I'll be looking out for your photos :)

  10. Ah the weather has been really lovely hasn't it? Very humid today though so waiting for a big ol' storm for it to lift!

  11. What a great collection. I'm glad you decided to join in!

  12. Awww that lamb is so cute, and I 100% agree with you on those twisty trees by the riverside. What a great collection of photos! Good luck on your 30 Days Wild challenge!


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