30 Days Wild - Week 3!

(First of all apologies if I am late catching up with people's posts, and friends in general! I've been floored by a cold over the past few days and it looks like it won't be budging any time soon. If I haven't visited your blog or had a chat with you in a while, don't worry I will do! Life has a funny way of catching up and taking over and logging into Facebook and Twitter I always have lots of messages to catch up with, so apologies if I'm running behind at the moment on keeping in touch!)

I can't believe I'm already into week 3 of posting about my 30 Days Wild activities - where is the time going?! It's been a little overcast and humid here in the Lakes this week - I'm surprised we haven't had a storm yet, but thankfully the sun has come back out over the past few days and I hope it's here to stay for a few weeks at least - I always hope for a long heat wave come July! 

Day 15. Low Light

The day had been really hot and humid and by the time evening rolled around it was so quiet and peaceful and there was hardly a cloud in the sky except for a couple of contrails.

Day 16. Singing Sparrows

I spent about an hour watching them flit about, stopping to drink and feed from the bird seed and water bowl we'd left out and listening to the bird's singing, it was lovely. 

Day 17. Clear Skies and Sheep

Evening strolls are the best on days like these. Watching the sheep grazing and listening to the birds calling. I was also lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a rabbit hopping along by the stream and there were oyster catcher's flying overhead - my neighbour told me that there's a nest around the other side of the fields!

Day 18. Stormy Skies

The difference a day makes! These dark clouds rolled in during the evening and the change in colour and shape is so interesting to see - I'm a weather geek, I blame the geographer in me! There were jackdaws and wood pigeons flying across the sky and with the dark backdrop they framed them beautifully, but they were too quick for me to get a clear photo of!

Day 19. Welcome back the sun!


The sun returned and bathed the land in warmth and these pretty, wispy white clouds added nicely to my little sky watch collection, and I watched the seagulls and swifts dart across the sky.

Day 20. Little Raindrop 

The next day brought a couple of showers which was great news for the plants but it meant the day was a little overcast, but by the time the evening came around the sun was back out and these raindrops had collected on the leaves and I loved the reflections in each of them but this one caught my eye.

Day 21. Sheep's Sorrel

With the sun's triumphant return I knew I had to head back out to the fields for a quick walk, and in amongst the buttercups, red clovers and wild carrot were these pretty sheep's sorrel - I love the reddish tint on their flowers!

Hope you're all well and enjoying your weekend!



  1. Sheep sorrel a new one to me! I like your water droplet, reminds me of the sugar filled one I gave to a bee!

  2. Great photographs - especially the sunsets. It's been so humid here even with the thunderstorms, they never seem to clear the air.

  3. This 30 days wild thing sounds pretty cool! I like your water droplet photo. :)

  4. These are lovely! You are brilliant at summarizing for 30days wild. I didnt know sheep sorrell x

  5. I've just discovered that you have another blog, I wondered where you had gone :) I was happy to see you still blogging so am now following you here.

    I love the stormy skies shot.

  6. Hoping your cold is soon gone.

    Loving these images as always, the raindrop on that leaf is so beautiful.

  7. Nice to see the country side as I live in the centre of a town! Especially as I can hear one of the local crazies shouting downstairs ;)

  8. The third photo down is my favourite! They are all pretty good though :) We were having such nice weather and then yesterday it was just rain, non stop, all day and a big arse thunderstorm in the evening!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  9. I like all the pix - but Stormy Skies and Little Raindrop are my faves. Your sparrow looks familiar - I think we have a few renegades of the same variety that made it downunder many years ago :D

  10. Lovely wild snapshots! I'm really behind this week after the weekend away and then some busy days... I'm so tired though so I'm struggling to catch up! I've just about kept on top of my daily blogging, but comments not so much!

  11. What awesome shots! The stormy sky is very artistic.


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