30 Days Wild - The Final Round-Up!

So here we are at the end of a wild and wonderful June. I was thrilled I listened to both Louise on this and decided to give this a go, because I had a lot of fun taking the photos and getting out into nature not just a few times a week but each day - it's lowered my stress levels, made me smile and allowed me to have a go at improving my ID skills too so thank you and thank you to everyone whose been leaving such encouraging comments too!

Day 22. Caddis Fly Rescue

Day 23. Naturally Creative

I found these petals and blades of grass lying about in the garden and tried my hand at my own flower!

Day 24. Feathered Friends

On this day I was in town for most of it, and this photo isn't the best but I love catching two different birds together - this time it was this Seagull and the little Starling on top of the aerial - urban wildlife spotting has it's positives! 

Day 25. Cloud Watchers Anonymous

The different shapes and types of cloud in the sky today were too good to pass up! I especially love the wispy clouds that strike up into the sky.

Day 26. The Foxes Gloves

A pretty Foxglove in one of the fields nears the house.

Day 27.  Sky Watch

I took more cloud shots today because, as you can see, it was far too pretty to ignore!

Day 28. Weevil-ing Along!

I believe this little one is a Weevil - it was hanging out on the wall, wandering along in the sunshine and it just looked so cute!

Day 29. Green Fly

I found these flies on the leaves outside my house and there were hundreds of them! I know that they don't appear as the most favourite insects to many people but I loved their green hue and the almost metallic sheen - still ye to ID these ones!

Day 30. Sparkling Sun

And to wrap it all up; the brilliant sun itself!

Hope you're all having a lovely start to the month - I am going to be a little AWOL over the next week or so so if I am late to catching up with blogs, no fear, just very busy but I wanted to get this post up soon after finishing it!



  1. So cool!!!! I want all my days to be wild days to be honest. :) I like the flower you made too. Pretty & creative!

  2. Love the snap of the two birds together!

  3. It was a great wild month (so great I've embarked upon 365 Days Wild, but not in such a full on way!). You took some lovely photos but my favourite here has to be the flower art!

  4. Your photos are lovely and you did and saw some super things. Your flower art is very pretty.x

  5. Nice captures :)
    You even managed to get shots of flies - impressive!

  6. Loving these cloud shots. As for those birds, just look at the expression in that seagull's eyes .... scary.

  7. Those are some great cloud shots!

  8. Nice exercise! I should do something like this to practice my skills. Great you were able to capture small insects so well.

  9. Love, love, love these photos! What a fun idea. I feel like I should do this to find some inner motivation and inspiration.


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