Moving, Seagulls & Decorating

So this week has been busy indeed! We've moved again, and though it wasn't as far as our first adventurous trip, it's still been exhausting enough to leave me, my brother and my Mum completely wiped out come this weekend, but there is still decorating to be done and a house to set up so, the show must go on! I'm currently in that awkward stage of finding things I'd forgotten I had and then losing them two minutes later amongst piles of books and papers - if only I had magic powers moving would be a lot easier.

So apologies for not keeping up with everyone, I'll still be a little slow over the next week or so as I wade through hundreds of messages and emails, as I also took a break from the internet so I could focus on moving, but now we're in we can settle down and just enjoy the new place - yay!

It's not the best of photos (a proper camera is certainly on my list of things I need to invest in) but this town seems to be Jackdaw and Seagull central right now, and I can never resist getting photos of them, each of them seem to have unique characters all their own!

Warm lights come night-time are always a comfort - this was taken just before we moved and the only things left on my table were my lamp and my laptop. It's always odd looking at a half-empty room before you move out - it was like the end of university all over again!

However, I busied myself with answering my pen-pals on the last night at our previous place and I always love looking at the different papers I get sent - the cuter the better!

Bare floorboards gave me a chance to indulge in a coastal cottage retreat idea and whitewash them! This was during that process when I leant across to open my windows and couldn't reach them so the inevitable happened - I stood in the paint - but at least it gave me an interesting looking photo! I really should know by now that being only 5 ft 1 my arms are not the longest, but I like to challenge myself!

Blinds and Mum's bright flowers. Once the little personal touches are in the place starts feeling like home.

Pink and orange skies on our first night. Everyone here is really friendly too.

My little candle that looks like it's made out of bark and smells like fresh lemons.

Slowly but surely are my phrases of the week as each task is sorted as time goes on. It's been stressful but once the major tasks such as painting are done, it's all downhill from there!

Hope you're all well and normal service will now resume!



  1. That is such a pretty candle!

  2. Welcome back, Tasha! Taking a break from the internet can feel strange but I think it can be good for the soul!

    I hope you love your new home - while stressful, I love the excitement of moving house!


  3. Oh goodness! Moving has never been at the top of my list of awesome things to do. A year later I'm still moving out of my mom's house and in with my husband. I taking it slow, maybe not as slow as I've taken it, is the best way to approach it.

    Have fun and enjoy the ride! :)

    Love the footprint. I think it'd be so lovely framed but maybe that would be weird, but it's so beautiful.


  4. I hope you settle down ok! Ha, I recognise that writing paper!!!!XX

  5. Beautiful photos...I love the one of the pink and orange sky...so pretty!


  6. Moving is my all time least favourite thing to do EVER!! But at least you've used your powers for good with that awesome collection of photos! I like them all - but my favourite is the footprint one, because of the cool story behind it :D

  7. It looks like you've got a tornado brewing in the sunset photo!

  8. Ah good luck with the decorating. I know moving can be very very exhausting.
    You still have pen pals? This is really amazing!

  9. Interesting bit of the world you live in.

  10. Interesting bit of the world you live in.

  11. I hadn't realised you had moved! Hope you're all settled in now!


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