Cute Cygnets + a Riverside Wander

This week's Photo Friday is inspired by my travels last week just before we moved, and I really wanted to share them because it was a lovely day, and I was so happy to get a glimpse of the cygnets! I haven't been using my camera too much recently but I am hoping to get out this weekend and rectify that and have some more great shots to share with you in the next Photo Friday!

 I headed down to the river just to get a few final parting photos as it's a little further than where I live now and I don't get down there as regularly and I was so happy to spot them sat by the riverside!

Of course Swan parents being the wonderful, protective parents they are, were always on the look out and gave me a few hisses to let me know not to get too close, but soon settled down once they noticed I was only taking photos. 

I couldn't let that sky be passed up as a photo opportunity!

These two were using eachother as scratching posts and it was the cutest thing!

And this little one was happily munching away by the side of the river until he or she spotted me and decided it was far too dangerous!

But not too dangerous to stop and give me the once over either though - I love their curious nature!

And the final goodbye skies from our first place in Cumbria and off we went to the next!

Hope you've all had a wonderful week, as always I am linking up with Jen and as always don't hesitate to hop across, add your own link and check out the other amazing posts.



  1. Gorgeous photos as ever Tasha! I wish I'd had my camera with me yesterday as I saw the cutest cows posing! x

  2. I have never seen cygnets before. They are so cute! In general, this place you visited looks so relaxed. It is a place I would be to be.

  3. Gorgeous photos, Tasha! It looks like a perfect place to spend a little while. The swans and the sky? All amazing. Great captures!

    Thank you for joining us this week for Photo Friday! We missed you!

  4. They are darling animal photos!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I love sheep!!! As I type, we are driving to Lake Crummock water for a walk on Rannerdale knots. X

  5. I swear - as soon as I have a car again I will be coming to spend the day taking photos like this at least monthly!! haha


  6. I saw a baby flamingo at the zoo the other week - so cute! Love those sheep photographs.

  7. Aww! I looooooove this time of year, baby & fledgling birds everywhere! Your photo of the cygnets is my favorite. :)

  8. Awwww ... such lovely captures. I've only seen Cygnets once and I shared them on one of My Sunday Photo posts. They are so lovely, aren't they. Oh and the sheep nuzzling for scatching, how lovely.

    Hope your move went well. #PhotoFriday

  9. The babies you captured are just gorgeous with their little downy coats. The other animals are great to see, too, with their little curious faces.

  10. Such gorgeous little fluffballs baby swans are. The sheep just don't stack up so far as cuteness goes.

  11. I should get out to the field near our house and see if there are any sheep, I haven't seen one in ages!

  12. That sheep is a nosy sausage but it makes for a brilliant picture!
    I found some sheep and highland cows on my holibobs, they were magnificent and slightly too far away to make a decent shot. Booo.
    M x


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