Hello Mister Horse Fly

Apologies for my recent absences - I am currently moving and while it's not particularly far from my where we are at the moment, there is still so much to do and the days are never long enough, but decorating is fun and it's good to be busy, but having said that I am looking forward to some sunshine and a break soon - if I had mystical meteorological powers I'd try and conjure up a nice, relaxing cool breeze and lots of sun!

However despite the interchangeable weather, there has been no shortage of photo opportunities this week - there have been Cardinal Beetles, Buzzards, Horse Flies, lots and lots of wild-flowers and Seagulls galore but I have forgotten my camera so many times this week, which is why I was so happy to get these ones of this curious little Horse Fly, who was having a rest on our windows yesterday. 

I was quite glad this one was on the glass as I know these can give a bit of a nip and I was terrified by a huge one last year which had sneaked into the car, and I'm not scared of insects, but that one made me jump because it was so big! I was impressed with how large these guys can get - but I'll probably be admiring these from a distance!

It was cool to see them at an angle like this as well - it reminded me of those viewing cases in museums and zoos for ants and bees - it's nice to admire them from a safe viewpoint without disturbing them either.

I'm a little bit fascinated by their eyes, and I love the delicate detail on their wings.

This one made me laugh because he turned slightly and it looked like he was asking to be let in from where I was stood! After this he soon flew off though, so that was the end of this one's brief buggy photoshoot. 

As always, I'm linking up with Jen over at Pierced Wonder, and you can get involved and check out the other posts by popping over to her blog -  there are always brilliant photos and new blogs to check out!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Oooooooo I hate horseflies! They are often out at the pool at my in-law's. I have had my share of bites and those things can take a chunk out of your flesh.

    As much as I dislike those guys, you've gotten some nice captures of them ;) This Saturday will officially be 3 weeks in the new house, and I'm finally beginning to feel like I can come up for air. Hope it's faster for you!

    Thank you for joining us again this week for Photo Friday!

  2. Plagued by these pesky flies at the moment but I have to say you captured this fellow beautifully.

  3. Great captures!


  4. Better he was outside rather than in. My Photo Friday post includes a bee with very similar eyes - fascinating indeed. I hope your move goes well.

  5. Very glad he's on the other side of the window! haha My Mam actually got stung/bit (I dunno!) by one once and it ended up poisoned and went right up her arm...ouch!
    It is cool how you got to photograph it from a different angle.


  6. That was a lucky sighting! I had a horrid bite from one of these on my stomach once and it lasted for ages!!! It was awful! Hope you get settled soon!x

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  8. Love it, Tasha! Where are you moving to?



  9. This fly is massive. Good capture though :))

  10. I never thought that someone like me from the land of flies could ever find a fly interesting like you've made it!


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