25 Things

So in July of this year I turned 25, and despite having a slight freak out at how fast time is passing and the ever growing list of things I want to achieve, seemingly beginning to just disappear into the ether, I entered my 25th year of life with a determination and lots of dreams! My 24th year has been very up and down with lots of good and bad points, and I vowed to myself that on turning 25 I would no longer let anxiety or my own fears rule my life and instead focus on heading for the things I really want to do - here's hoping I can stick to this!

  1. I will always enjoy the little things in life - from birthday confetti to a sunny day, I hope I never lose that joy of life
  2. No matter what age I get to - I am always going to love animated films and cartoons, especially Pixar and Disney
  3. I love learning and I'm constantly learning new things day by day, sometimes I get it wrong, but then failing once only to succeed is surely far better than giving up in the face of adversity
  4.   I hope I never lose this wonder for the world I have, despite the everyday annoyances and tragedies we face, I hope the world doesn't make me too hard and cynical as I get older
  5. I hope everyone I know and love is happy and healthy, always.

                            6. I hope I never stop seeking the light, even when it goes dark
                                 7. I will always be in love with nature and wildlife
                           8. I hope I never lose my adventurous streak and the need to explore
                                9. I hope I can always make someone else smile or laugh
                        10. I hope I can smile and laugh each day, at least once, myself too

11. I will always be fascinated by ancient civilisations, fossils and treasure hunting and will always secretly want to be the female Indiana Jones
12. Even though I'd say I'm fairly level headed - I never want to lose that wonder and belief that there is magic in everyday life
13. I love being outdoors and I hope I can see more of this world someday
14. I hope I always find time to have fun and be silly even when times are rough
15. I hope I make my family proud

16. I will never get tired of listening to other people's stories
17. I will always get up and start dancing when one of my favourite songs comes on
18. I have a memory book and I hope I can always look back on it and smile and never live life with regrets
19. I hope I can do some more studying someday because despite it all I know I'm a geek and a bookworm at heart
20. Life is a journey and I want to enjoy each and every step!

21. I love my family and friends and they will always be the people I turn to first in a crisis, you all know who you are!
22. I love my little quirks and after years of trying to 'fit in' I'm finally comfortable being me
23. I am beating anxiety and I know I'm strong and can conquer anything, just as long as I put my mind to it
24. I hope I can keep up my little blog as my own digital little time capsule because it fills me with joy!
25. And finally, thank you for all of you who read my little blog - I hope you've always found something to make you smile or spark your interest here and each comment means a lot to me and always makes me smile - so thank you.

I hope you're all having a lovely week!



  1. Happy Birthday!!
    As someone who is nearing the end of their 25th year, being 25 has been pretty great and I wish nothing but the best for your 25th year. Although, I think 26 ill be even better ;)

  2. You always write the most insightful posts. I remember 25 being a good age for me! x

  3. Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best. :D

  4. Happy birthday - I enjoyed being 25, it's a good age to be :)

  5. I'm 23 and I plan to love Disney until the day I expire. I feel ya, sister.

    Wild Bear x

  6. My brother is turning 25 next year and he's experiencing the same kind of panic you've mentioned in this post, I'll have to repeat some of these upbeat and positive points to him! Good luck achieving all of these Tasha :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  7. What a fun post. Happy late birthday! I am turning 30 this year and I'm quite excited!

  8. Happy belated birthday lovely and all the best for the future and the coming year. I'm sure it will all work out whatever your plans are and I'm sending you lots of love and positive energies that this year won't be an up and down as the last one xxx

    Caz | Style Lingua

  9. What a great way to commemorate your birthday. I love all these positives.

  10. Happy birthday for last month, Tasha! I'm 26 (and still sometimes forget it - when did I stop being 24?!) , and I still get scared about not achieving as much as I 'should have' by now - I think lists like this can really help us remember what is important and everything we have already achieved.


    p.s. I also don't think I'll ever grow out of Disney either!


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