Ocean Inspiration!

I've been really inspired by the ocean most recently, and having gotten back into the swing of being more creative on a daily basis I've found myself drawing, painting and writing about the sea! So when I came to think about an idea to Float This Page in my Wreck This Journal, I knew straight-away what I wanted to do!

I love Jellyfish and my favourites are the Moon Jellyfish, the four little half circles on their domes I think are so pretty. I am going to add some blue chalk very lightly over the second side of the page and will try to add some splashes of darker blue paint too but I'm quite pleased with how the little jellyfish turned out.

And when a page on, it prompted me to Freeze This Page, I drew inspiration from the beautiful icy lands of the Arctic, complete with an inquisitive Orca! I will add some colour to this eventually.

I also found a couple of cute new origami tutorials and had to do them as I have some blue card just lying around at the moment and knew they'd be perfect for these two templates!

For the little Fish I used this tutorial on YouTube

For the little Dolphin I used this tutorial on YouTube.

I love origami! I find it really relaxing and I love to just sit down and try my hand at these and I think they make really cute and inexpensive room decorations too if, like me, you're into having cute and quirky little decorations to add some colour. These are also really great if you have young kids or younger siblings too - my cousin came around a while ago and she loved all of the little origami creatures I had on my shelf.

I'm linking up with Stella from Purfylle and Sarah from Sarah Celebrates for Two Uses Tuesday today, so make sure to go over to their blogs and check out all the other links and add your own too!

Hope you're all having a good week so far!

Also, big thank you to Stella and Sarah for featuring me last week!



  1. I LOVE THE SEA. Anything marine makes me really happy so I LOVE this post.



  2. This is such a lovely post, sometimes there's nothing more relaxing than doodling in a notebook - and most likely even more so when you've got the ocean on your mind! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  3. SO PRETTY! Moon jellies are my favorite too - AND, I am an origami pro, because I folded about 1000 for my wedding. :D

  4. Those little origami guys are so cute!

  5. the origami dolphin is very cool!


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