Sky Watch

While this Summer has undoubtedly left many of us feeling a little lost with the lack of sunshine, there have been some truly stunning sunsets and I have been loving the changing colours and cloud formations that have filled the sky as of late.

I love the wispy clouds at the bottom and the thicker, darker clouds at the top - as a bit of a meteorology geek I always try to identify the clouds and see how many different types I can spot! It's not always easy though!

I love those little golden tints on the clouds too.

The sky was so pale on top and then sweeping down there was a brilliant red glare just coming off from the coast towards the land. 

I loved the reflection on my windows too.

My favourite part of a sunset is when the sun dips just below the horizon and you get those last few, blinding rays before the evening mellows out into that pale colour as dusk hits.

Love that.

A few times we've had these dark red hues accompanying the low cloud cover and the combination of colours is always stunning to see.

I love these little scudding clouds too.

There were a lot of Seagulls flying about on this evening and their shadows against the backdrop of the sky was beautiful. I don't think I'll ever get tired of scenes like these.

Watching pastel coloured clouds from my windows is always a comforting thing.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!



  1. Nice shots! I am so disappointed in myself - I told myself that this summer would be the time I finally got to practicing some new techniques for skyscapes... and here it is, the last night before teacher work week, and I didn't do it once.

  2. Oh Tash I love how observant and cute you are! This is an awesome post and I never bloody look up or take notice of the skyline like this! <3 LOVELY!! xx

  3. I love the sky! I've been missing watching the sunset whilst I run, as I haven't been in a week or so. I'm looking to getting out and seeing it tonight.

    Sunsets are my favourite thing :)

  4. How beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I feel so inspired by scrolling through your pictures.

    I too try to identify the clouds--mostly unsuccessfully most of the time.

    Kaleidoscopes & Polka Dots

  5. I love cloud watching not only to see the wonderful colours but also to spot any shapes that I can pick out.

    Great shots as always, thank you.

  6. What beautiful skies.. I can understand why you spent so much time looking up, the best views are up there! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  7. I love how perfectly you have captured these beautiful pictures of the sky! The clouds are so pretty with the sun bouncing off of them and the sunset is amazing!


  8. Some lovely skies there. Always great to be out and about while the rest of the world is watching Eastenders.

  9. Some lovely skies there. Always great to be out and about while the rest of the world is watching Eastenders.

  10. Tasha these are lovely photos! Summer sunset's are literally the best :) xx

  11. Clouds can be so fascinating. Great shots, Tasha :))


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