The Love/Hate Tag

The lovely Danielle from Underland to Wonderland tagged me in one of her most recent posts, and I've never done this one before so I was excited to see what it involved. I have to admit, I struggled to come up with things for the Hate list, so most of them will probably be a little vague, but I tried my best!


1. Mythology; especially folklore involving any kind of mythical creature, particularly mermaids, and my current fascination as I've mentioned in my previous posts is Kelpies!

2. Wildlife, nature, animals...the list could go on! I've always been fascinated by the natural world, ever since I've been a young girl. I think it comes from watching documentaries, specifically Trials of Life at my Nanny's growing up.

My little Whale Shark adoption display featuring some other stunning sharks, rays and a rabbitfish!

3. The colour green. It is my favourite colour, probably because it reminds me of leaves and natural things!

4. Zen/Mindfulness. I find this really helpful, especially when it comes to stress and anxiety, and while I am seriously lacking in these departments, I am trying my best to stick to these tips more often and slowly but surely they are working!

5. This old picture of myself and a Peregrine Falcon which my Grandparents got for me when I was about 14 whilst on holiday with them in Devon. 

6. Origami - right now it is my favourite thing! I just discovered a tutorial for a crab and a parrot the other day and I am hopefully going to try my hand at those this week.

7. Favourite new series is Fruits Basket!
 The only other anime's I'd ever watched were Sailor Moon, Death Note, Black Butler and of course, I have been slowly working my way through the Studio Ghibli films but I knew I needed to expand my anime viewing and I am already in love with this series.

8. Anything remotely related to ancient civilisations and treasure hunting. 
If there is a mystery behind it then I love it. I only recently discovered an amazing piece through my good friend Lauren's blog, which you can read here, all about the Hope Diamond, which is stunning and if you love history, you'll really enjoy the story behind it.  

9. I love a good conspiracy theory and anything related to crypotzoology! The crazier the better. I think it stems somewhat from my curious nature but I think it brings a little bit of magic and wonder to everyday life, and while I don't overly buy into all of the mysteries I enjoy puzzling it out!

10. Getting outdoors with family and friends. Nothing beats a trip to the beach or the forest to escape life and enjoy time with those you love.


(I found this list quite hard to do so these are probably going to be more pet peeves than anything else!)

1. When people don't say thank you after you've held the door open for them. I always feel invisible when that happens.

2. Being late. For anything. It sends my anxiety into overdrive.

3. Following on from that - anxiety and stress! If only there was a machine which was able to eviscerate these troublesome conditions from life. I think that would help millions of people!

4. Lack of affordable cruelty free make-up etc. in general shops. I am finding it hard to switch across with certain products so if anyone can point me in the direction of more affordable cruelty free make-up such as foundation, then please let me know.

5. Not working/having too much time on my hands. It's a vicious cycle but hopefully the cycle is going to be broken soon, fingers crossed!

6. Seeing people throw rubbish out of their car. I've noticed this a lot since moving up to the Lake District and it's always disheartening to see bits of rubbish piling up on the roadside, especially in the countryside and near beauty spots such as St Bees. 

7. Having long periods between seeing my friends or family. I'm quite a home-body and not being able to meet up with someone and catch up with them face-to-face has been hard since I've moved, so thank goodness for Skype and penpals!

8. Whenever I break a camera. It's the worst feeling, especially for someone like myself who takes far too many photos.

9. Following on from that one, losing data, photos or documents when I haven't backed them up. Arghhhh!

10. A sensitive internet connection. I'm sure that buffering would annoy the saintliest of people.

I'm going to tag the following 10 bloggers. If you've already done this or you're not fond of tags, no problem, but be sure to check all of these people out because they're lovely!

Hope you're all well!



  1. Lol I think it would be a little TOO easy for me to come up with a hate list! As I was reading your list, about a zillion things I hate popped into my head.

  2. I.like your list. We have several similar things.x

  3. What a great way to learn a little bit more about the bloggers we visit. thanks not only for sharing your loves/hates but also for the links to these other bloggers.

  4. Fun post. I loved that old photo of you, little cutie :))

    I so agree that there isn't enough cruelty-free makeup. I wish that all beauty products turn to cruelty-free soon!

  5. Oh gosh breaking cameras is the worst thing! I remember when i used to use a little compact digital all the time and the lens used to always get stuck, or I would damage them by trying to clean the lens. Nowadays, I find my DSLR a little more robust but if I were ever to break that, it would be absolutely terrible and SUPER expensive! Lovely list x

  6. Superdrug are brilliant for cruelty free toiletries and I only buy Barry M make up as that's cruelty free AND has no animal ingredients, I get mine in Superdrug.

    If you're interested in household products that haven't been tested on animals then the Co-Op is a good place (they do toiletries too)and the 99p/pound shops sell the Astonish range and that's both free from animal derived ingredients and hasn't been tested on animals either x

  7. Being the negative Nancy that I am, I find listing things i hate to be so much easier than things I love haha.
    Wildlife and nature are my favourite things - I'm with you on green too :)

    I might be able to help with the cruelty free things - have you tried ELF? They are a really great price and I find their products to be pretty good. I have to order online from The Netherlands, but I've had no problem with anything. I think Etsy might be somewhere to look too - there are some independent brands on there although I haven't done too much shopping on there.

    As far as I'm aware Essence are a cruelty free brand (although I haven't emailed the company myself, just what I've seen online) - they are pretty cheap but I've not tried their foundation out.

    Hmm, who else... I can't think at the moment, I'm a big ELF fan. Barry M? Last time I bought them, they are a good price.


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