The Sun & The Sea

The sun was up and the tide was out, so there was only one thing to do! Go for a wander along the shore and watch the waves roll in.

The sun was glinting on the surface of the rock-pools creating this dazzling little effect.

When the tide is out this far, you can peacefully wander all along the coast and really get into the hidden treasures of the rock-pools

I love it when you can see the shapes which have been created in the sand from the current. Always make me feel like I've been trekking in the desert!

There were lots of washed up jellyfish along the shore - I think these are all Moon Jellyfish, which can give a mild sting and cause irritation, it's best to avoid touching them, so I was admiring from behind my camera! There have been sightings of Lion's Mane Jellyfish along St Bees as well, which apparently can have a much more uncomfortable sting and can cause nasty reactions so I always give any jelly a wide berth!

And another. I believe they're attracted by the warm, salty water which is at a much higher temperature come the summer time, but it was touch and go having to dodge all of the washed up jellies, so if you find yourself down here, keep an eye out! There must be a jellyfish bloom in the waters at the moment.

The best feeling in the world, for me, is standing and watching the waves roll in. The water was pleasantly warm and the sky was a clear blue.


There were several dogs playing in the surf as we walked along and it's so lovely to watch. Sometimes you can see people riding their horses along the beach and then follow hoof-prints in the sand!

I did try to search for a new Razor Fish shell as my old, empty one got smashed up in my bag as I was moving - I'm a bit of a shell and pebble collector, but no such luck on this try! 

I love all the different types of seaweed that wash up on the shoreline - I think this is Bladderwrack but it looks like it's tangled up with some other species too!

I could easily have stayed there all afternoon.

I know I always recommend visiting this place but it really is gorgeous. There's a little tea-room and a caravan and chalet park off behind the beach (which is where we stayed the first time we ever came to Cumbria) but I love how peaceful this place is and if you head up and around St Bee's head on their cliff-top walk, you can watch the nesting seabirds as the RSPB have a reserve there where you should be able to spot Fulmar's, Gullemots, Razorbills, Kittiwake's and of course the infamous Herring Gull.

I love it - possibly my favourite place in the whole of Cumbria.

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Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Low tide is my favorite time to do some beach exploring! Your pictures are lovely - put me in the mood for a trip to the coast. I spent so much time at the springs this summer I totally didn't show the ocean enough love!

  2. By the way - I'd like to add you to my blogroll! Since I have a specific size it has to be, I usually offer to design it myself, but if you have a particular photo you'd like to use that's cool too! It just has to be 320x160. (The height is flexible - you can adjust as needed to make it not be warped - it's just the width of my widget is 320.) Let me know! :D

  3. Looks so pretty - I love finding Jelly fish on the beach, although we never use to come across too many of them on the east coast, just lots of stinky seaweed!

  4. Another long ago memory - there's a beach on the Cumbria coast called Haverick I think. It had a sort of outdoor swimming pool that I took my toy boats in. Jellyfish and quicksand also featured.

  5. The sun listening on both the sea and sand is truly a beautiful sight. Ah, I wish I was by the seaside now so I could sink my toes into the sand! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  6. You've so perfectly captured the art of the beach stroll! Love your photos.

  7. Beautiful photographs as always, Tasha. I've shamefully not been to the beach yet this summer (we unfortunately haven't had many opportunities this rainy summer in Scotland!) and this post has really made me miss it. As well as stunning images, I loved your writing too - I can really picture the dogs playing in the surf, and the horses trotting along the shore.


  8. The sea looks beautiful here! That is for sure.
    When I was younger I was absolutely terrified of jellyfish, I would cry even if anyone mentioned one! Silly I know. I do find them very strange creatures, even now x x x

  9. We would get along just fine because I have hundreds of photos of the water, foam, cliffs, stuff along the beach at low tide! But it's always fun to see those of others around the world. I agree with you about the jellyfish--better safe than sorry.

  10. I love the beach - so very beautiful and calming. It really is my happy place. Ours hasn't been so pleasant this summer because of the very warm water causing dangerous bacteria to be present in unsafe numbers. But it is still so lovely to look at. You've captured that feeling so very well!

    We've had to watch out for jelly fish this summer too. I'll never forget being in the water a few years ago and feeling all of these terrible stings inside my bathing suit. Turns out there were thousands of little tiny jelly fish in the water - they were spawning! I was practically stripping out of my suit on the way out of the water!

    Thank you for joining us for Photo Friday again this week and for sharing such beautiful photos with us!


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