Wreck It!

If you, like me, are quite creative and enjoy drawing, painting, scrap-booking etc. then I would definitely recommend the brilliant, art based books by Keri Smith: Wreck This Journal. She also has several other books based around the same idea, and I have been very lucky to have been sent them by my friends for different birthday's, and have had so much fun thinking of ways to fill each of the pages in and thought that for my first Two Uses Tuesday invitation (big thank you to Purfylle for inviting me) what better time to share my latest favourite pages with you, than this!

I've started to graffiti the cover by adding a little monster, but am hoping to add even more colour and even some fabrics at some point!

For the make a funnel and drink from it page, I decided to add a little boat and some blue and a few bubbles and stick it in there! As I was filling the cup up, the paper held it brilliantly, and then I went to take a sip and had water all down me! It was fun though - I should probably try some tougher cello-tape and glue next time though for my make-shift cup!

The idea here was to wrap something with this page, so I scrawled a top secret message and hid it away inside this parcel and tied it up with some string.

Paper Airplanes! The joys of 'wet play' days! Does anyone else remember those days at school when it was raining, so instead of playing outside you had to come in and draw? I loved those days! I covered my little airplane in chalk colours and cello-tape, so it doesn't get damaged, and stuck it inside.

I am hoping to add more colour to this one eventually so it looks more like a quilt but I took a page from another section of the book where you're supposed to rip it out and instead, tore it up and used it as the base for this challenge! The idea was to have scraps of coloured fabric which then become a brand new colourful quilt!

Does anyone else have these books? If so what are your favourite pages/challenges?

Don't forget to go over to Purfylle's blog and link up, sharing your crafty OR project based ideas! There are loads of brilliant ones over there at the moment.

Hope you're all having a good week so far!


  1. Yup - I am definitely tempted by this journal! I loooooooove journaling, and have an entire shelf dedicated to the blank ones I haven't gotten around to yet. Blogging is actually more or less my attempt to stop myself from buying a new journal every five minutes!

  2. I have never heard of Keri Smith or Wreck This Journal before. What a fabulous idea and a great way to get you thinking and creating outside of your comfort zone. I love your 'quilt' and I rather like it all white like that. Thanks for sharing at Two Uses Tuesday! I'm pinning this but it fits in so many categories I'm not sure where to put it :o)

  3. I have one, but I haven't get into using it for some reason, it doesn't quite appeal to me. I think it's because I want to spend extended time on it and I just can't seem to find that time.

  4. This is too cute! I love all things paper an journals. I'd watch for a feature in the near future... ;)

  5. I love my Wreck This Journal but I go through phases of spending a lot of time on it then none at all. I've been working on my first one for a couple of years now but it's something that I'll never get bored of. Even if it takes me a while. It's also really changed my approach to creativity. I'm less of a perfectionist.

    Sara Bloo xo

  6. I love her stuff.I have 'How to be an explorer of the world' and 'Mess!"

  7. That looks really fun!! So many times the kids get in trouble for doing those things with their notebook, this lets them get away with it!! :)


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