Little Foxes

I found this adorable little origami tutorial for a fox on YouTube yesterday and knew I needed to try my hand at it straight-away! The tutorial is here if you want to have a go yourself. 

I love how this one turns out, and I decided to add some extra decoration onto his ears and a little white-tipped tail too, though I think this orange card is a bit strong for my pencils, so I need to find some tippex or similar and go over my shading to make his tail pop a little more!

Little Foxy with his temporary tail!

I also quickly made this little fox bookmark and I love how they come out! 

This one is from a brilliant YouTube channel and website, called Red Ted Art, and the tutorial can be found here

I'm going to make a few more of these in the near future, as I rushed the nose a little bit and it looks a tiny bit scrappy! I should really pick up some proper origami paper as I used card, and I think the finish with some thinner paper will be a lot flatter, though having said that this bookmark tucks away nicely and it's just very, very cute! 

I love things like this as they are so quick to do, and work nicely as decoration. 

It''s Tuesday so I am also linking up with both Stella and Sarah from Two Uses Tuesday. If you want to get involved, just click their names and add your crafts to the link-up.

Hope you're all well!



  1. How fun! I've never done origami before, but it looks like a great project.

  2. LOL I can barely fold a piece of paper to get it in an envelope, let alone make a cool little fox like that

  3. oh he is perfect as a bookmark!

  4. That's so cool! I like the bookmark idea!

  5. Oh I really love the bookmark it's so so cute! :) I'm not very good at crafts but might have to give this a go myself!
    Deimante x


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