Mini Garden Wildlife Safari

The number of times I've gone outside to take a photo of something which caught my eye, only to then be sidetracked by a number of other fascinating little things is too high for me to count! On this occasion I wanted to get some photos of my Mum's new flowers before the sun set and found myself going on a miniature safari instead.

(Said flower photos will be coming at a later date!)

I had been watching this wasp for a little while and thought it was just collecting nectar when it moved, and I saw the caterpillar underneath! You may need to open this in another tab and peer a bit closer to see but the poor little caterpillar was pinned tight underneath.

You should be able to see the green caterpillar underneath the wasp here.

It then moved around the other side of the lavender flower and flew off with the caterpillar. I knew then it could only be some kind of parasitic wasp, and since then I've been looking at all the different Ichneumon wasp types but I wish I'd spent more time trying to get some better photos to help me ID this one before it flew off! Caterpillars beware!

Incoming! Lavender always seems to be a bee favourite.

This is another bee favourite flower from what I've seen.

The bee's love this plant - I always see them outside, especially when it's sunny and there were about 3 different species alone buzzing around earlier today. Sadly all of my other photos came out a little blurry but I was happy to capture this one, which was the biggest bee on the flower.

And finally, not the best, but a cute little Starling feeding in the garden. I love their dotted feathers.

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  1. You have a wonderful eye for spotting what many of us, myself included, would miss. Great photos as always.

  2. Lavender is always a favorite of mine for all the creatures it attracts!

  3. Tasha, have to say the title of your post is very cute. I never saw the caterpillar. I tried different angles and can't separate it from the wasp.

  4. That wasp is mean!!! We saw a wasp in the summer that appeared to be eating small bugs that were on lavender as well. It was rather disgusting!x

  5. Beautiful flowers! I love the colors.

  6. That's a great set of shots of the Icheumon in action, I've seen one but it was nothing like that species. Very different body shape.

  7. Gorgeous captures! I love photographing against a Lavender back drop :)

  8. Beautiful photos as ever, I can't believe that wasp went for the caterpillar!

    Maria xxx

  9. I had no idea Wasps liked Caterpillars. I don't know anything about insects so this is definitely something new to me!

  10. I'm not a fan of the smell of lavender, but I do like hanging around it to see the bees!


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