Hanging Pumpkins!

October is here and it is officially the month of pumpkins! I've been seeing them everywhere, especially in the crafting world, with so many cute paper-crafts featuring pumpkins, and when I spotted this quick and easy window hanging tutorial I knew I had to try it and I like it! I used this tutorial here if you want to have a go - it's really simple, just a few strips of paper and some paper clips!

There's no glue or sellotape involved with this one - everything is held together with two paper clips, but I think I might try and use some super glue on it and remove the clips as the ones I used are quite noticeable!

I used my scissors to curl the stem and I really like the way it's come out. I was going for a more Tim Burton-esque twisted stem for my little pumpkin which is why I used black paper instead of brown.

This one is currently just hanging on the underside of my window and I think it looks quite cute!

I may try to make some more and have a little hanging display!

Tuesday is Two Uses Tuesday so as always check out Sarah and Stella and join in if you'd like to!

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far!



  1. This is such a lovely Halloween idea, I'll be making some of these for sure! x

  2. This is so cute! I miss doing arts and crafts with my class... now the art teacher gets all the fun!

  3. Yet to see any actual pumpkins in the shops yet, I'm more than happy to have a go at making this pumpkin which looks great and is certainly a lot safer to create - knives and me really are a dangerous combination.

  4. You're too cute Tasha! I might have to give these a go :) xxx

  5. That is so cute....I love it...I cant do what you did for the name of your blog.

  6. The pumpkins are making an appearance here, although I've yet to buy one and start cooking with it. Surprisingly I have also seen people decorating their porches with them, never thought the Belgians were into halloween and Autumn.


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