I'm the Oogie Boogie Man!

 With this Friday being Halloween I knew I had to draw something from possibly my favourite animated film of all time, The Nightmare Before Christmas. The film has been one of my favourites since childhood and the magic and the characters have stayed with me for a long time. I've already doodled Jack Skellington before, which you can see here, so thought it would be sweet to have Oogie Boogie too! 

Apologies for all of the marks left by my rubber - the colours don't look as bright here but I had fun drawing Oogie!

It's a sweet little doodle for Halloween, so I'm pleased. I did have a lot more detail for him around the mouth but when it came to colouring him in and outlining him, they seemed to have gotten lost, so apologies for the lack of mouth Oogie!

I've also been sketching out different little characters and trying out some different art styles, as well as sketching Emily from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride too! I'm hoping to add colour to Emily at some point, so her lovely blue hair can feature a  bit more, but I just love sketching and doodling out different characters.

And finally, a little paper bat which I made to hang out in my peace lily for Halloween! I made him simply by drawing a bat outline, cutting him out and then folding in the centre and along the middle wing tips to give him some shape. Then I added some white detailing and gave him a vampy grin!

It's Tuesday so I'm linking up with Stella and Sarah and if you want to get involved simply click on their names and add your cool crafts!

What are everyone's plans for Halloween?



  1. Loving your sketches. Not a big fan of A Nightmare Before Christmas, I've always preferred The Corpse Bride.

  2. I wish I had your artistic ability! x

  3. I adore The Nightmare Before Christmas! I only saw it for the first time a couple of years ago, so it still kind of feels like a 'new' film for me. Great sketch Tasha! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  4. Do you know I've never seen that film! But I recognise the characters thanks to your excellent drawings.

  5. This is so adorable and I love that it reminds you of a favourite.

  6. Ahh, I love your Oogie Boogie sketch! He's such a good scary but flamboyant at the same time bad guy. I'm singing in his song in my head while I type out this comment, haha!

    I love seeing your sketches - the Emily sketch in particular is so pretty.



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