Kestrels & Origami Shells

I find drawing really relaxing, and it's something which has always made me feel calm. I like the fact that it gives me a chance to improve a skill and have some fun at the same time, and when I found a stunning photo of a lesser kestrel the other day on Pinterest I thought I'd sit down and have a go, especially as I haven't drawn anything nature related for a little while now, and here is the result!

(Only one foot is on show as in the photo he was resting on a little rocky outcrop!)

One thing I am certain of is that I need to invest in some proper art materials - specifically some colouring pencils and a decent pencil for shading too, but I don't think this one turned out too badly for a first attempt at a little kestrel!  Kestrels are one of my favourite birds of prey, I love that grey-blue colouring of the feathers that the males have on their heads, it's so pretty. 

I also had a go at making an origami shell, and have just seen a more advanced tutorial to create a nautilus' shell, which I am going to try at some point - though it looks a little tricky I think it's time to attempt some more challenging ones! I want to get a hold of some origami paper and make some more of these in some different colours as I love the way these turned out - they'd be great decorations for next summer too, and I am a sucker for anything nautical.

The tutorial I followed is here if you'd like to have a go yourself.

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Hope you're all having a lovely week!



  1. Wow, that's a really great sketch there! I'm pretty awful at sketching but I do enjoy it every now and then, it's quite relaxing.

  2. Both the origami and the drawing are beautiful and impressive. I have always wished I could draw but unfortunately I am terrible at it. I tried origami awhile back and was pretty happy when I mastered the paper crane. I hope I can still remember how to do it- this post makes me want to have a go at it again.

  3. Fab drawing, but as much as I love birds, I confess to not liking birds of prey one bit. Where we used to live, a hobby perched on our garden fence for a while once, I was so fearful for the birds who came to our garden to feed, but they weren't silly and were all quietly hiding.

  4. Impressed by your artistic talents. I have just bought a 'grown-up' colouring book and pens which is about the most creative I get.

  5. Oh wow Tasha, that drawing is wonderful! You are a great artist and the shell is beautiful too! When my mum was a vet nurse, we had a lovely kestrel in the vets who was a rescue as she couldn't fly anymore! x

  6. You have such a talent Tasha, I only wish to be able to draw like that! I have held a Kestrel before though :) I hope to see more of your artistic abilities soon.

    Danielle xo


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