Magical Mushrooms & Fragrant Flowers

Last week my family and I got out to discover the Revelin Moss Gill trail at Whinlatter Forest, and while I shared some of the amazing bees and butterflies I spotted while there last Friday, which you can see here, I wanted to wait to share more of the flora which I was lucky enough to spot along the trail, this week!

Stunning foxgloves. I love the dotted pattern inside the petals.

Beautiful heather which was dotted all along the banks of the river which winds it's way along the trail. I love that delicate, lilac shade.

One of my Mum's favourite flowers. I think these are the oxeye daisies, those tall, larger versison and they were all along the river bank. They're some of my favourite flowers because they just look so bright and happy.

Lovely, purple knapweed - which seemed to be the favourite of the butterflies in my previous post!

Of course, the beautiful, I believe, fly agaric in all it's spotted red and white glory. They remind me of the classic fairytale mushroom.

These two mushrooms were just huddled together. I'm not as good at identifying mushrooms so if there are any brilliant mycologists feel free to let me know what they are!

Two more little mushrooms huddled together. I'm always fascinated by the different shapes and colours you can find.

Of course, with it being a Friday, it's Photo Friday and I'm linking up with Jen!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. The red mushrooms are fun--nice foxgloves too.

  2. I adore fly agaric so much and didn't see any in real life for absolutely years so when I finally did I went snap happy with my camera!

  3. Those fly agarics are so so vivid! Beautiful!

  4. Wild mushrooms always freak me out a bit! x

  5. Girl! These are all so gorgeous I don't even know what my favorite is!

  6. The field flowers are so pretty. Not so sure about the mushrooms. I usually stay away from mushrooms out in the wild ;))

  7. I love the fly agaric! All the ones I've found this year had been eaten so I didn't get any nice photos! This sounds like a lovely walk.

  8. These are lovely flowers with such great colors! The mushrooms are simply awesome although I have no idea what their names are. Wonderful captures.

  9. Oh my goodness!! How gorgeous are those foxgloves!! So inspirational! I just love all your images.


  10. These are beautiful pictures! Your blog makes me realise that I take for granted so many beautiful things around me, I need to take more notice! Those red mushrooms look so cute, they remind me of classic fairytale mushrooms too! xx

  11. Those foxgloves are so delicate and pretty. You know I don't think I've ever seen them in real life? What a shame!

    I also love the fly agaric - they do look like something from an illustration!


  12. I'm pretty rubbish at identifying mushrooms but I has amassed quite the collection of photos of them haha

  13. I love your mushrooms! They are super stunning ( mushrooms are just so cool) Those fox gloves are what got me clicking over though, the mushrooms were just a bonus =)

  14. Tasha these are incredible photos! You've done such a nice job capturing them! I love the foxglove at the top - it doesn't grow here, despite my efforts. & those red mushrooms? Outstanding!

    Thank you for joining us for Photo Friday again this week!


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