Memories of Summer

Having my little camera with me most of the time I often forget that there's also one on my phone, so I completely forgot I had all of these photos just sitting inside my camera roll, all taken earlier this Summer, some even before we moved to our second little place here in the Lake District! With the clocks having gone back last night and a chill in the air now, it definitely feels like Autumn is finally here and a fair few trees in the local area have also started to cast off their leaves as they begin to change colour, so I thought what better time to share these than while we're transitioning across into the cosier, jumper wearing seasons!

(If some of these are a little blurry, I apologise, my camera phone isn't too bad but it doesn't always pick up on the details as well as my little digital camera does. Quite a few of these were taken at our first place we lived at for a year here in the Lake District - it was a lovely, rural area, so these photos put a smile on my face today.)

Top Row; left to right
1. One of the few Summer showers that we had here in the Lake District - it was a fairly dry season here which was nice, but the odd shower or two was refreshing - especially when it got very muggy and hot at the beginning of June here.
2. Sunsets galore!
3. Some of the beautiful daffodils which were growing along the stone wall back at our old and first place here in the Lake District. I do miss our other place sometimes, the area was so picturesque and comforting.

Second Row; left to right
1. Little bursts of  yellow flowers - I can't quite remember what species they were now but they had flooded the field next to our house.
2. The resident sheep, of course!
3. Glimmering surface of the Derwent River on a walk into town.

Third Row; left to right
1. Wispy clouds
2. Beautiful purple flowers which were carpeting the pathway up to the bus before we moved again, I love that colour!
3. The River Derwent again, such a lovely place to walk along.

Hope you're all enjoying your Sundays!



  1. These are beautiful! I'm up north this week from Thursday, so I hope for a Lakes walk! One day,when I am up there for a longer period, we MUST meet up!x

  2. With summer (or at least what passed for summer) a distant memory it's lovely to see these photos and especially those clouds which along with trees are probably my favourite subject.

  3. It's nice to see the resident sheep again! Do you have some where you are living now? I can't remember if you've mentioned them since the move.

  4. Ahh, can we have summer back please?! While I do love the crisp blue sky weather that autumn treats us to, unfortunately it can be a little temperamental (especially in Scotland!) and I miss the consistency of longer days and warmer temperatures. As the nights start to draw in, it's a little scary to think we won't see days like in your photographs for months and months now.



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