On The Wing

This week the sun was out, shining bright, and it seemed a shame to pass up the opportunity to go for a walk at Whinlatter Forest. So my Mum, brother and I headed out to walk the Revelin Moss Gill trail and found mushrooms of all different shapes and sizes, little hidden streams, towering pines and lots and lots of butterflies and bugs, which I wanted to share with you first! 

(I have a fair few photos from the walk so I'm splitting them up into separate posts to reduce overloading you all!)

There were lots of these lovely small tortoiseshell butterflies feeding alongside lots of drone flies on (what I think) is some common ragwort. These flowers are such a vivid yellow and the butterflies, bees and even some day-flying moths were all over these flowers. The moths were quite speedy so I was unable to get a decent photo of them unfortunately!

I think this one is Episyrphus balteatus or, as I just discovered today, the marmalade hoverfly! That's such a sweet name for it, I thought, and I can see why, as the abdomen was more of an amber colour than yellow and I saw lots of these on the walk.

There were lots of different species flying around but this last one was my favourite. I'd never seen that pattern combination before and I was intrigued by the stripes on the thorax and abdomen. It's a species of tiger hoverfly, I believe, due to those amazing stripes, but I can't pinpoint which one just yet! My ID skills could be improved!

A stunning red admiral butterfly alongside a large drone fly on some knapweed. This was another flower which they all seemed to love and the purple/pink shade is so pretty too. It lined the hedgerows along the streams in big clusters, and no single flower was empty. There was always an insect of some sort on each flower.  

It was lovely to watch them flit about in the sunshine from one flower to another - they're so graceful when they fly and I spotted several of them sunbathing on some exposed rocks as well as the sun began to set. 

And of course it wouldn't be a good trail walk if I didn't spot at least one bumblebee either! This is a white-tailed bumblebee, but I also spotted honey bees, carder bees and some larger bumblebees too all happily buzzing about, collecting nectar. On some flowers there was fierce competition! 

The Revelin Moss Gill trail seems to be a bit of a haunt for these insects, as I lost count of how many I spotted, and it was a nice walk too - fairly flat and only 1 mile so it's a good one for an afternoon or evening stroll. If you get the chance, definitely check it out. 

It's Friday so I'm linking up with Jen for Photo Friday. If you want to join, click on her name and add your amazing photos to the link-up!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I always enjoy visiting your blog and seeing the beautiful pictures you share each week. The flowers from your walk are all so pretty and I've always had a soft spot for butterflies... :)

  2. What amazing pictures! I don't know very much about bugs, unfortunately. I'd be at a complete loss as to what each of those bugs were.

  3. Oh Tasha! I love when you capture these little insects posing on flowers. I have no patience to get great shots like yours. An, the tortoiseshell butterfly name is very cute. Had never heard about it before.

  4. These photos are beautiful, I wish I had an eye for the camera like you do!
    Sarah @ hereyoume.wordpress.com

  5. Wow, pretty shots. It's nice that you were able to catch them on the flowers :))

  6. Wow these photos are amazing. I love how they capture the butterflies so perfectly. I took a photo of one feeding off a flower in my garden the other day, but of course, it's nothing compared to yours haha :)

  7. Such beautiful photographs, Tasha. You should definitely work in nature photography - you clearly have such a good eye (and passion) for the world around us. I love how you capture the beauty in the every day, if we only stop and take a moment to appreciate it.


    p.s. Marmalade hoverfly! What a wonderful name!

  8. Amazing photos, I love butterflies. On such a dull afternoon here in the north east it is lovely to have you brighten the day.

  9. I've got a daft inkling that the stripy fellow is called a footballer. I could be utterly wrong! Great shots, amazed that small tort can fly it's so ragged

  10. What great little visitors to capture on a sunny day! The colors are wonderful. I just go for the 'wow' factor as I am useless with names :)

  11. Your captures are really lovely Tasha - especially the butterflies and that first one, so beautiful.

  12. These are all great. I love how clear the photos are, and the details of the flowers and insects.

  13. Oooh I love the new header! Very nice! I love the photos too, but most of all I love learning something new every time I come here!

  14. These are truly beautiful! I love butterflies and these are such magnificent 'action shots'!xx

  15. Gorgeous photos here <3 That butterfly is so beautiful.
    jaspooleblog.com ★ photo journals


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