Rocky Paths & Shallow Streams

In the final instalment of my photos from the beautiful Revelin Moss Gill trail at Whinlatter Forest, I am very happy to share with you one of my favourite elements of a good, woodland walk: a bubbling, flowing stream! The sound alone of natural running water is calming enough, but being able to wander over and along a river, brook or stream is the best medicine for stress in my opinion! (That, or a good walk along the beach!)

The first little bridge and a shallow, bubbling stream below it. The water was cool to the touch and there were pebbles of all different shapes, sizes and colours. I love those beautiful, deep green ferns which are anchored below the bridge there. I could have happily sat here all day!

Just some of the pretty little steps and rocky pathways throughout the trail, My favourite one is the middle picture - this little bridge stretched across a small brook and the way the sunlight was streaming through the trees overhead just looked so pretty to me!

A tiny little ladybug which was crawling all over the information sign at the beginning of the trail!

 All of the little streams we passed, some with lots of vegetation around them, others very shallow and calming to sit by. 

The map of the trail, some information and a dedication plaque for the opening of an orienteering trail which was opened there too. I always find it interesting to find out more about the area too.

The mountain view in the distance towards the end of the trail and some pretty grasses which were growing all along the trail.

As it's Friday that means I'm linking up with the lovely Jen from Pierced Wonderings. If you want to you can click her blog name and add your own amazing photos to the party!

Have a lovely weekend all!



  1. I love nature. Streams are one of my favorite things. The photo of the mountain view is absolutely stunning. I feel a little calmer even just looking at these photos. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. What a gorgeous place! We are finally getting cool enough (at least during the morning) to get out & enjoy the great outdoors. I want to get out & hit some of our local trails.

    Thank you for joining us for Photo Friday again this week!

  3. I love these - this place looks so gorgeous! And I really love how you've displayed your shots in this post - that stack of 4 looks great!

  4. It looks so magical and peaceful. I'm glad you mentioned the ferns or I would have missed them and they are lovely! I love the path shots too, such great lines.

  5. So lovely, I adore the little bridge. I would love to take outfit pictures in this location.

  6. I'm like you. I can sit for a long time in a beautiful, quiet spot like that and just happily watch the world around me. I always say, enjoy the little things... :)

  7. It looks wonderful! I too, love to sit by water. I find myself calmed, heart rate slows,thoughts become simpler, more easy.xx

  8. I've heard of this trail and it's one I'd love to walk!

  9. What a wonderful walk. Love all the cobbled footpaths :)

  10. It's obviously been far too long since my last visit because I'm just seeing your updated banner - I love it! You seem to find all the best walking spots, that collage of the streams is stunning...I need to visit here so bad.

    Danielle xo

  11. Wonderful nature shots and the perfect place for a relaxing walk - for some reason this post reminds me of old family trips to the Lake District :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  12. Oh my goodness!! Everything is so lovely!

    I too love the middle trail the most and that mountain view from a distance looks STUNNING!

    Love this post so much!!

  13. That view at the end is definitely worth a good old hike for!


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