Rolling Clouds & Amber Skies

Yesterday's evening skyline was covered in these stunning, rolling clouds which seemed to change colour before my eyes as the minutes ticked by. There had been showers all day and a colourful rainbow (though my camera didn't pick out the colours very well) behind the house as the rain let up (I promise I will share said rainbow at some point!). 

If you've been with me for a while now, you'll know I can't resist a good bit of cloud spotting and sky watching and I just love the different shapes and colours in these ones! I thought it was quite fitting, with Halloween on our doorsteps, that the skies started out an amber shade before ending up a russet/red colour as the sun finally set.

Pastel blue skies below that thick layer of clouds after the rain. 

These soon began to thicken and the colours really bloomed, with the purple shades disappearing above, and these golden tones popping through - helped by the sun as it began to set!

A little break in the cloud cover revealed some blue skies and a little bit of purple in the top layers again - I love how the clouds are never one colour, but several, all at once.

The sun setting behind these lit up the clouds!

I love how wispy the clouds look at the top of the photo, and the way it looks as if the clouds are rolling like waves beneath them. It''s definitely the kind of sky you stare at and expect a storm to be on it's way, and funnily enough, strong winds and more rain followed that evening.

These red clouds lingered as the sun set and began to descend, and you could see these stunning golden rays breaking through the thick cloud cover as the sun finally disappeared and the day came to a close. 

You gotta love a colourful sky!

It's Friday so of course I'm linking up with the lovely Jen from Pierced Wonderings! If you want to get involved, just click Jen's name and add your amazing photos.

Have an amazing and spooky weekend!



  1. I love it when you can see where the weather front is, lovely shots

  2. So pretty! I love dramatic clouds for shooting. I've been playing around with landscapes more often lately, so a cloud filled sky (not the flat gray kind though) is an awesome sight IMO!

  3. Love the light at sunset it's so pretty.

  4. You take really stunning pictures, Tasha... :)

  5. What gorgeous photos! You've done an excellent job of capturing it - so lovely! thank you for sharing with us at Photo Friday again this week!

  6. Wonderfully atmospheric. Unfortunately we haven't be able to see such wonders due to heavy fogs.

  7. You just keep on cloud/sky-watching Tasha, your captures are mesmerisingly beautiful at times - this being one of those occasions :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  8. Clouds are always amazing but these are truly stunning. Like a roof on the world with floor to ceiling windows just off to one side. You've captured all the different colours so beautifully too.

  9. We've had some beautiful skies lately and I've just not been in the right place at the right time to see them. By the time i get home from work it's already dark... boo!

  10. So beautiful! Mother Nature is a wonderful thing x


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