Autumn Showers

This week has seen several rainy showers, some fine and misty that left pretty dew drops on the grass, others heavy and stormy, lasting for hours as the sky turned from pale blue to a shadowy grey.

These raindrops delicately balanced on the washing line as the skies began to clear. I love the little mirrored reflections in them.

One of my favourite things about showers is when raindrops collect on blades of grass, it's so pretty.

Riding in the car is always really comforting in the rain too, it's an odd little thing I find relaxing. 

And once the rain clouds disappear and the sun comes out, it's always a reason to smile.

It is most certainly turning colder and chillier by the day, and the woolly socks and my favourite mauve coat have come out of hiding to keep me warm as the nights draw in.

It's Friday so of course I'm linking up with the lovely Jen from Pierced Wonderings! If you want to get involved, just click Jen's name and add your amazing photos.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I love these photos with the rain drops. So so dainty and pretty :)
    At the moment I'm in Bulgaria and the autumn is amazingly hot during the day. I'm simply missing the beach. Not too eager to come back to rainy London in a few weeks.

  2. Beautiful shots! I'm somewhat obsessed with capturing droplets, rain or dew, either will do. Its funny watching you move into the colder weather there when its just ramping up to be really hot here!

  3. I adore raindrops on grass. It is SO beautiful. Although as a dog owner I'm not the biggest fan of the rain at the mo - I think i've been drenched every day for three weeks and I seem to have naff timing, the second I get home the sun comes out!
    Gorgeous as always Tasha.
    M x

  4. As always, beautifully captured. Feeling quite inspired I went outside hoping to capture a rain drop encrusted spider web but alas obviously weighed down by last nights downpour it was gone.

  5. Those captures of drops on the line are amazing! And the grass? Exquisite! Really well done this week! Thank you for sharing them with us for Photo Friday!

  6. Tasha, you have a great eye to capture all the beautiful things around you. We do not have a lot of rain in California. Therefore, it is a treat when we get those precious drops.

  7. I love the raindrop pictures. Actually I really love the rain as long as there's no mud to deal with. It's raining right now but I wish it was snow.

  8. I really need to make an effort to join in with this link up! I love seeing the photos other people take! I need to add it to my blog calendar.

    I love rainy photos! I love rain too - even if it gets me all damp before work, I still like it!

  9. These are great shots! Love the raindrops on the washing line. I keep meaning to go out in the rain and take some pics but, well, it always looks so cold!

  10. Rain has a way to soften the day even though the skies are gray. Lovely photos. I like the drops on the leaves.


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