Dragonfly Daydreams

If I had to choose one insect or miniature beast that could stand as my favourite, it would be a dragonfly. There's something enchanting and mystical about them! All of the different colours and species astound me and their legacy, heralding from prehistoric eras when you could find dragonflies the size of small birds laying claim to the skies is amazing to me, so I sat down to sketch a little dragonfly all my own.

They're eyes alone are fascination enough and while my drawing probably doesn't do them justice, I can never get enough of stunning photos of these creatures' eyes.

I think this quote is very fitting for a dragonfly and what they remind me of. Whenever I catch a glimpse of a dragonfly while out and about it instantly lifts me.

Dragonflies indeed are my favourite insect and I hope they continue to fill our skies for many more years to come.

I'm linking up with the ever lovely Stella and Sarah today for Two Uses Tuesday.

Hope you've all had a lovely start to the week so far!



  1. What a lovely post! You are so talented, I can't draw at all! You are right about dragonflies, I find something quite mythical about them too. I really love the quote you've used too.

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  2. So lovely, you're amazing at drawing.

  3. As always, you show that you're such a lovely and beautiful soul. Nice post, Tasha xx

  4. This is a lovely drawing! You are so talented. :) I love dragonflies too! So many variations, and you're right, the eyes are just stunning. Very hard to photograph though - they sure don't like to sit still for long!

  5. Loving the dragonflies with their incandescent wings that you often see illustrations of in children's books but I'm afraid the noise they make scare the life out of me.

    Great drawing, you have such an eye for the smallest of details.

  6. But damn do they move too fast to snap a photo of, the little buggers!


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