Eyes On The Sky

Apologies for being away! Starting my new job has left me in a whirlwind state with lots to take in so I chose to have an online holiday whilst I settled, and I'm now feeling a lot better and calmer, so thank you for being patient with me and I hope to return to normality now.

The rains came last weekend and lashed down on the garden, but left behind some beautiful skies once the storm had passed.

We even got a rainbow!

This one was stretching across the sky, but it was so big I had to capture it in two halves and thought it was interesting to show the differences in the colour of the sky on either side; stormy and calm.

Then we had a very foggy few days, with eerie tendrils of mist creeping across the landscape. It wasn't the best weather to wake up to but it took me back to one of the busiest times at uni, when my friend and I had to get the bus in thick fog - it was like something out of Silent Hill!

Ending the week on this brilliant, sunburst sunrise was the perfect way to start my Friday, however the sunshine disappeared and the ran returned for the most of the day, but I was pleasantly surprised to leave work with a stunning blue skies and white clouds backdrop which I unfortunately didn't get a chance to photograph!

With it being Friday I am linking up with the wonderful Jen!

Hope you've all had a wonderful week and enjoy your weekend! There are currently fireworks galore going off outside my window.


  1. Mist makes a wonderful atmosphere for photography! A rainbow in two halves too, in a sky of two halves

  2. I hope the job is going well!! Can't wait to hear more in your next letter!!!Xx

  3. Congrats on the new job! Take your time with your posts, dear. No worries, we'll be around :)

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  4. Hello Tasha, I was out for some time too (traveling). Great to know about your new job. Hope it is interesting and fun. Great photos!

  5. Rainy days do make for some awesome photographic opportunities! These are lovely!
    And yeah, that fog is totally Silent Hill-esque! Cool!

  6. I'm pleased to hear you're all settled in with your new job. I love your rainbow shots, I wouldn't have known it was the same rainbow if you hadn't told me, both shots look so different!.

  7. Congrats on the new job! I love those shots of the sky - beautiful! It's been extremely foggy here the lat few days - which was preceded by rain, and tomorrow there will be more rain...which means more fog ;)

    As always, thank you for joining us again this week at Photo Friday!

  8. Congratulations on the job!

    I adore fog, absolutely love it so I have been a happy bunny of late. We have had a sepia and pink sky this week, so eerily beautiful x

  9. The pictures are so cool. Congrats on your new job. Love the side by side rainbow pictures.

  10. I so glad to hear that your first week of work went well! As always, lovely photos - I need to think of more adjectives to describe them. I smile every time I read your blog posts!

  11. Yes, we have had some really foggy days as well though thankfully we have also had some wonderful sunsets/rises. Beautifully captured as always, you really do have a great eye for a stunning photograph.

  12. Rainbows and sunsets make the best pictures! I hope your job is going well. Where are you working? Tell me about it!


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