Little Felt Fox

One of my surprise Christmas presents came from a very good friend of mine, and as soon as I'd unwrapped this I knew I had to do it then and there!

This little felt kit meant some sewing, some stuffing and some sticking but I love the end result! The little pink piece of felt for the nose was so fiddly but I finally managed to get it onto the orange felt. It's just so cute, and now has pride of place on my desk. (Please excuse the flash in this photo - it was late on Christmas day and the lighting wasn't co-operating!)

I love presents like these - it gives me a chance to perfect my DIY skills and end up with something sweet to display too - so a big thank you to my lovely friend Char! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, however you celebrated and that the following few days are just as pleasant for you all.

What was your favourite thing about Christmas this year?

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  1. This is super cute! One of my friends gifted me one of these (that she made) last year, and it's the cutest! She sewed on some ribbon and it's a brilliant tree decoration! Hope you had a lovely one x

  2. That is a good present for you! You did well with it! I was given a sock reindeer kit last year which, to be honest, is not the ideal present for me as I'm not v good at hand sewing but I appreciated the sentiment behind it as I like making cards.x

  3. What a sweet Christmas gift! Love this little fox, you did a great job! :)
    I loved that Christmas was very quiet for me this year. It was so relaxing.
    I hope you are having an amazing week!
    Lots of hugs to you,

  4. This is so blooming adorable! Does he or she have a name? I'd love to be more crafty - there must be something very satisfying about completing something you made with your own hands!

    I think my favourite thing about Christmas this year - as with every year! - has been the extra time to spend time with my boyfriend, our families and friends and just to stay home and read and watch DVDs! I don't think I feel as relaxed all year round as I do at Christmas.


  5. So cute! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! My favourite thing was having time to spend with family and friends :)

    Zoe | floral and feather

  6. Squeeee! A foxy fox! I have a friend who loves foxes and I always think of her every time I see a wee fox. =D


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