Origami Snowman!

This is the easiest and cutest little snowman origami tutorial and with Christmas very much around the corner, I've been doing anything and everything to get myself into the spirit. If this tradition continues I'm going to end up with boxes and boxes full of crafting creations!

The tutorial calls for a little red hat but I am fresh out of red paper (I have a list of art supplies as long as my arm which I am hoping to tackle come the New Year) so I settled for a maroon hat instead - hopefully my snowman wasn't too put out by the colour change! I also added a little carrot nose too.

I'm thinking of adding a scarf - I just need to find some festive ribbons!

If you want to see the original tutorial and make your own, you can find it here. I'm aware that a lot of these tutorials are very simple and usually meant as crafts for kids but with them being so easy, quick and cute, they're the perfect little crafts for a rainy afternoon as they take up so little time!

I'm also very excited as we had some snow earlier today! I'm holding out hope that it sticks and I can wake up to a white carpet of fluffy snow tomorrow!

I'm linking up with both Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday today. Just click on their names to see more!

Hope you've all had a lovely start to the week!

Apologies for a serious lack of blog comments lately - work has taken over but I get some time off soon so I can comment to my hearts content then!



  1. At work today one of the Plosh ladies gave us all a card maid by her 4 year old, a cut out heart with some cutely hesitant writing in it!

  2. What an adorable idea! I haven't seen anything origami in years and I'd imagine it'd be a lot of fun to create :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  3. These are so cute, it's so long since I've done any origami! x

  4. He is ridiculously cute! I've been loving these origami offerings of yours Tash.
    The blog's looking a bit sexy too!
    M x

  5. He's delightful! Origami is HARD I couldn't do it as a kid!!


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