Paper Snowflakes!

With the arrival of December the only thing on my mind is Christmas the run-up to my favourite time of the year! I love this time of; it has the ability to bring people back together, to reminisce over the past year and drink and be merry, and of course with the coming holidays it's also a brilliant time to make some Wintry crafts!

My favourites, of course, are paper snowflakes.
 Easy, effortless and so effective as decorations!

I will probably add plenty more over the next few days - some of them seem to resembled flowers in some places but maybe they can count as frost flowers?  :D If you haven't seen a frost flower, definitely look it up - they are stunning icy creations and really do look like a fairy has just planted a magical flower overnight! Mayb Jack Frost is real after all?! 

I'm linking up with both Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday today. Just click on their names to see more!

Hope you're all having a lovely start to the week!



  1. How lovely. Puts me in mind of my days as a teaching assistant when I must have made hundreds of these.

  2. These are so cute :)
    They remind me of my childhood when we used to do most of the christmas decoration ourselves at home!

  3. I haven't made something like that in years! We're not decorating this year, since we're not around for the holidays. I just get to look at everyone else's haha.


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