That Festive Feeling

I got to put the Christmas tree up at work this week (possibly the best task I've been asked to do), there are some very cute cards lining my office table (mostly featuring bunnies - you all know me so well!) and my room has some little festive touches all around. It's safe to say I am excited for Christmas!

The decorations are glittering on the tree - my favourites being the leaping reindeer - and the lights greet me when I come home from work. It's such a comforting sight in the chilly evenings and with the holidays looming now (just a week left!) I am so looking forward to relaxing in front of the fire, copsying up next to the tree with some 

The greens, reds, ice blues, golds and sparkling shades of all sorts make me smile in the morning and the early starts bearable. My little knitted stocking on my wardrobe door is one of my favourite Christmas decorations, I just think they're adorable. 

Poinsettias are everywhere, the candles are out and snowflakes adorn windows everywhere I look.

Yeah - I definitely have that festive feeling.

You could see I'm having my own little Jack Skellington moment!

I'm linking up with the lovely Jen for Photo Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. your reindeer candle holder is ssoooooo cute! I like your Christmas tree and decorations too! And I want to watch that movie also :D

  2. What a fun task you were given! I guess anything out of the ordinary would feel great to me. Nice to see you are ready for the celebrations. Are you taking any time off?

  3. We haven't got our decorations up yet, parents having kitchen demolished you see. I must find a way to inject a bit of festivity in to the house! x

  4. Ah, the decorations are really nice and how great you got to put the work tree up!!!!Xx

  5. I love decorating for the holidays! It makes me incredibly happy - in fact I'm sitting here next to the tree right now - lights on even though it's the middle of the morning ;)

    Thanks for sharing with us at Photo Friday!

  6. I love christmas! I'm jealous you have a tree at work. It's not very festive where I work sadly. I should really say something and force them to put some tinsel up at the very least!

  7. Looks like you're all set for the big day!

  8. It's so lovely decorating any Christmas tree and even better when you get to do it at work! You've got some great decorations! I adore the reindeer candle!

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  9. What a wonderfully festive post. I love poinsettias but alas under my obviously not so tender care they quickly demise.

  10. I love your little knitted stocking too. I need to get things a bit more festive around here I guess.

  11. Very festive! I haven't got any decorations up at all, it's all very boring in our house!

  12. Pretty little moments and beautiful touches, Tasha! Enjoy the festive season xx


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